Mangano Auto Auctions Net More Than A Half Million Dollars For Taxpayers

Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano’s initiative to sell off excess inventory rather than repair it has proved to be a successful recovery method for taxpayers. The recent auction of 108 County-owned cars, trucks, and vans generated $72,074.50 and has brought the combined total proceeds from vehicle sales to $521,081.75.

The auction, held by Auctions International under the direction of the County’s Special Projects, featured a variety of vehicles of various models and ages with the oldest a 1972 Wells Cargo Canteen trailer and the newest two, 2007 Ford, Crown Victorias.

County Executive Mangano stated, “When I was elected County Executive I realized that car auctions had not taken place in several years and there was a surplus inventory of un-repairable vehicles wasting space throughout the County. Rather than allow these vehicles to rot, my administration has sold them for parts and raised in excess of $500,000 for taxpayers.”

The auctions are held bi-annually and are open to anyone from the casual buyer to the seasoned mechanic. Those interested are eligible to bid on and purchase the vehicles. They are advertised on and the County Executive’s social media platforms; including Facebook and Twitter.

Prospective buyers bid on the cars for weeks leading up to the close of the auction. During the bidding period buyers are welcome to make appointments with the County’s Special Projects office to conduct an inspection prior to entering a bid.

Future surplus vehicle auctions will be advertised on the Nassau County website: and