Mangano’s Third Consecutive No-Property Tax Hike Budget Approved By Legislature

Restricts Spending While Delivering Essential Services

For the third year in a row, Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano’s No-Property Tax Increase Budget was passed by the County Legislature. The budget restricts spending for a second consecutive year while continuing to deliver essential services for residents. Aggressive fiscal management and a continued commitment to spending cuts is evident as County Executive Mangano and the Republican Legislative Caucus have cut over $290 million in spending from Nassau’s budget since 2009.

“This budget paves the way for economic growth while protecting families and seniors by holding the line on property taxes and restricting spending,” said County Executive Mangano. After two hard years of shared sacrifice, Nassau County is on a firm, stable path as we fostered a government of less spending, fewer employees and fewer appointees. The progress we have made over the past two years corrects our County’s past when Nassau taxed too high, spent too much and reformed too little.”

The fiscal discipline and responsible budgeting choices made by County Executive Mangano and the Republican Legislative Caucus over the last two years addresses the fiscally challenging times in which we live and corrects wasteful past practices. Without raising property taxes, County Executive Mangano addresses a nearly $400 million deficit inherited from the prior administration and kept pace with double-digit increases in pension and health care costs, unfunded mandates, a stagnant economy and poor municipal practices. The administration has truly addressed fiscal challenges of historic proportions and has moved forward by implementing significant spending reductions and landmark reforms that together have laid the groundwork for recurring savings. Nassau’s fiscal problems evolved over a decade and are being structurally corrected in responsible and transparent budget plans advanced by the administration. While there is more work to be done, the County is clearly on a more efficient path to a brighter future.

2013 Budget Documents