Mangano Announces The County Executive Brick 26 Challenge

Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano today announced the County Executive Brick 26 Challenge will take place in Eisenhower Park on Saturday, August 4th. A unique walk/endurance run event will kick off at 8:00 a.m. The County Executive Brick 26 Challenge is aimed at raising money to support our local veterans, Semper4Soliders, Honor Flight and for the construction of a new monument.

“My administration continues our commitment to serving our veterans and ensuring they have the necessary resources to rebuild their lives and to be honored and acknowledged for their service to our County. We must always remember the sacrifices made by our soldiers so that we can live in a free nation. The Brick 26 Challenge will raise money not only to support our local veterans but also to aid in the construction of a new monument that will recognize our veterans with the honor and respect they deserve – one brick at a time.”

The County Executive Brick 26 Challenge, which is appropriately named for the weight of the five bricks that participants carry throughout the 10K race course in a backpack, is designed to test participants with a variety of obstacle courses along the route.

The 4 different courses that are designed for many levels, from the walker to the ultra-athlete are as follows:

Brick 26 Competitive Division
Each participant in this wave will be carrying 5 bricks (26lbs) in a backpack throughout a 10K course. Along the way, you will be challenged by 4 boot camps, each operated by military personnel. Each boot camp will have 2 challenges that could include: pushups, bucket curls, crawling 100yds under barbed wire, shuttle sprints, etc. Participants are expected to come with a backpack that can handle 5 bricks, wrapped in a towel (to prevent tearing) duct taped (to keep load in one place) - total weight approx. 26lbs.

5K/10K Bootcamper Division

Participants in this category will complete the same course as the competitive wave, but may carry only 1 brick in their backpack. This is still arigorous event that promises to leave you exhausted, yet accomplished – all for a great cause. As a bootcamper participant, it is you vs. yourself or your friends to see how far you can get. Bootcamper division is not timed and brick carrying is optional.

5K Straight Run

The 5K Straight Run takes participants along the same race course as the other divisions without the bricks or the boot camps. This unique course, designed exclusively for the County Executive Brick 26 Challenge, features some hillsand some turns and is sure to challenge anyone looking to compete in a challenging 5K race. The course will be USATF sanctioned and electronically timed.
Honor Walk
The honor walk takes each participant on a one-mile journey in celebration of those who serve. You can carry the brick in your hand or carry it in a backpack.

About Eisenhower Park

Eisenhower Park is located in East Meadow, with entrances on Hempstead Turnpike and Merrick Avenue. As one of the largest public spaces in the New York metropolitan area, Eisenhower Park offers a full range of athletic and family activities, including one of the finest swimming facilities in the U.S., three world-class golf courses, dozens of athletic fields and courts, picnic areas, playgrounds, fitness trails and more. In addition, Eisenhower Park includes large and beautiful Memorials to the Nation’s veterans, as well as to the Nassau County Firefighters and County residents who lost their lives in the 9/11 attacks.

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