Mangano Protects Nassau’s Water Supply With Assistance From State Grant

Continuing his efforts to ensure that Nassau County’s precious drinking water supply is protected, County Executive Edward P. Mangano appropriated $155,330 in funds from the New York State Department of Health for monitoring by the County’s Health Department. The Drinking Water Enhancement Program is designed to enhance the County’s water supply regulatory program and ensure the safety of drinking water.

“This program is vitally important to preservation of the County’s water supply,” said County Executive Mangano. “Living on Long Island makes us aware that any contamination of the aquifer could be disastrous and we need to be diligent when investigating any possible health hazards.”

Funding for the program, which is ongoing, ensures that 46 water suppliers in Nassau County adhere and comply with the New York State Sanitary Code and the Nassau County Public Health Ordinance by investigating public health hazards; implementing an emergency response to drinking water contamination incidents; utilizing the Safe Drinking Water Information System; implementing New Safe Drinking Water Act Programs and Regulations; and by improving the safety of drinking water at non-public water systems.

“I thank County Executive Mangano for his continuing support of the Department of Health,” said County Health Commissioner Dr. Lawrence Eisenstein. “This funding ensures the highest drinking water quality for all residents and visitors to Nassau County.”

County Health Department personnel conduct water sampling to detect potentially unsafe water quality and inspect the public water supply security systems and provide comments and recommendations for improvements to the state Department of Health and public water supply system. In addition, they refer sites that have the potential to contaminate drinking water resources in Nassau County to the United States Environmental Protection Agency and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation for appropriate action.

Water Districts must submit weekly test results to the Nassau County Department of Health and any elevated test result must be immediately report to the County’s Health Department, which provides emergency response and investigates public health hazards and incidents.