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  February 21, 2000

Legislators Willing to Work Around the Clock to Address Issues

The Republican members of the Nassau County Legislature are demanding County Executive Gulotta to present to the Legislature a plan within five days to address the County's fiscal problems. Additionally, lawmakers are urging the County Executive to call an emergency session of the Legislature to submit his plan to the County Legislature for action.

"The solution to the County's fiscal problems is no mystery - either cuts in spending must be made or revenues increased," said Peter J. Schmitt (R-Massapequa) Minority Leader of the County Legislature. "A plan should be developed by the County Executive and forwarded to the Legislature within 5 days for our consideration."

The GOP delegation is ready to come to Mineola with pajamas and toothbrush in hand and stay 24-hours, 7 days a week to solve the problem.

"I am also asking my colleagues in the Majority to pledge to work in a round the clock emergency session of the Legislature to take action. We must stop the bleeding - it has gone on for too long," concluded Minority Leader Schmitt.

Legislator Schmitt's call for action occurs after a recent downgrade in the County's bond rating by Moody's. This follows a recent warning from Standard and Poors that threatened to downgrade the County's bond rating as well.

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