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  April 12, 2000


Keeping to their pledge to cut government spending, the Republican members of the County Legislature will submit legislation today, if enacted, would eliminate the Commissioner of Accounts Office.

"The elimination and consolidation of County Departments is key to cutting spending and achieving savings through the economies of management," said Minority Leader Peter J. Schmitt. "This legislation is the second of several spending cut pieces of legislation that will be submitted by the Republican caucus of the Legislature."

The legislation eliminates the Commissioner of Accounts Office. The Financial Disclosure function of the office would be merged into the County Attorney's office, the Hardship Review Board would merge into the Department of Consumer Affairs and the Criminal Justice Coordinating Council would be transferred to the District Attorney's office. The range of savings for this initiative is between $94,000 and $180,000 in Fiscal Year 2001.

"The Commissioner Accounts during the era of the Board of Supervisors would act as an ombudsman on behalf of residents. With the advent of the Legislature, however, the residents have 19 individual Legislators to work on their behalf," concluded Minority Leader Schmitt.

The Republican members of the Legislature recently proposed a comprehensive set of fiscal recovery initiatives that would cut spending by nearly $300 million over a two-year period. Previously, the Republican members submitted legislation that would merge the Department of General Services into the Department of Recreation and Parks.

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