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         March 19, 2001

"Labor: The Need for Fiscally Responsible and Fair Contracts"
Report Outlines Initiatives to Cut Costs

(Mineola, NY) Minority Leader Peter J. Schmitt (R-Massapequa) on behalf of the Republican members of the Nassau County Legislature has released a report and letter sent to Frank Zarb, Chairman, of the Nassau Interim Finance Authority, regarding efforts to cut the County's labor costs. The report is in response to NIFA informing County officials of its desire to establish guidelines for labor contracts.

"We are pleased to be able to make recommendations to Frank Zarb and NIFA with respect to reducing labor costs and bringing structural reform to the County's budget," said Minority Leader Peter J. Schmitt. "If our wage proposal was followed it would save taxpayers $81 million over and above what the County Executive has put forward in two recently proposed labor contracts."

Proposals contained in the report include:
  • An employee contribution towards health insurance
  • Elimination of three paid holidays
  • Ending the practice of accumulated vacation and sick time
  • The implementation of a responsible wage pattern
"It has been estimated that the cost of the recently rejected contract for the Sheriff Officers Association (ShOA) combined with the agreement in principle presented informally to the Legislature with respect to the Police Benevolent Association (PBA) were to be implemented it would require the County at a minimum to raise taxes 15.38% and as high as 24.03%," said Legislator Schmitt. "We need to implement fiscally responsible and fair contracts so as to limit the need to reach out to our taxpayers for additional tax dollars. These recommendations would do so."

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