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         May 21, 2001

GOP Legislators Vote Against Democrats' Spending Legislation

(Mineola, NY) The nine Republican members of the Nassau County Legislature unanimously voted against legislation submitted by Democrats that would, if enacted, force the County Executive to spend money even though it has been determined by the Executive that the spending is not necessary.

"The Democrats' legislation, if signed by the County Executive, is a scheme that will eliminate the County's modest surplus," said Minority Leader and Legislator Peter J. Schmitt (R-Massapequa). "This Legislature must take steps to cut spending, not force the Executive to spend it. The legislation while well meaning will result in needless government spending and cause the County fiscal harm."

The legislation, which was passed by a ten to nine vote, now goes to the County Executive for his approval or veto.

"This legislation comes on the heels of the Democrats' attempt to impose a whopping 15.4% tax increase on residents. It is an insult for them to now to try to impose additional spending as well. The two-year Democrat plan- Tax and Spend," concluded Legislator Schmitt.

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