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         January 8, 2001

Legislator Gonsalves: Legislative Session A Success

"The Nassau County Legislature had a very busy year in 2000 passing a number of local laws and initiatives that cut government spending, protect the environment, protect our children, assist our older Americans and protect consumers," said County Legislator Norma Gonsalves (R-East Meadow). "I am pleased to have supported these measures during the past year."
    Cutting Spending
  • Voted for the Vehicle Control Act of 2000 to reduce the number of county vehicles to save taxpayer dollars.
  • Voted for the elimination of meal money to management employees.
  • Voted for the measure that cut the County's deficit by more than $100 million.
  • Voted for legislation merging several County departments to reduce the size of government.
  • Voted for legislation requiring Legislative approval over personal service contracts issued by the County Executive for more than $25,000. This measure passed via referendum with 75% of the vote on November 7.
    Protecting the Environment and our Children
  • Voted for the legislation requiring the County Health Department to provide community notification prior to aerial spraying for mosquitoes.
  • Voted for the legislation requiring at a minimum 48-hour notice to adjacent property owners prior the application of pesticides by commercial applicators.
  • Voted for legislation protecting children against the sale of herbal cigarettes.
    Senior Citizens and Disabled
  • Voted to expand the senior citizen real property tax exemption to the maximum level allowed under state law.
  • Voted to expand the real property tax exemption for disabled residents to the maximum level allowed under state law.
    Consumer Protection
  • Voted for legislation increasing penalties on business owners that use deceptive practices against consumers.
  • Voted for legislation providing a veteran tax exemption to parents whose children were killed defending our country.

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