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         May 29, 2002


Legislator Norma L. Gonsalves (R-East Meadow) yesterday voted to approve a renewal of a grant for use in the fight against Lyme Disease. The $40,000 grant from the county that will be reimbursed by the state will go towards providing education, surveillance, investigation, and prevention of the deer tick-borne disease. Last year there were 917 cases of Lyme Disease reported in Nassau County. "Ticks are prevalent in the many parks and wooded areas of Nassau County. By studying the trends of the disease we can hopefully find ways to better protect the public," said Legislator Gonsalves.

Tick related illnesses are most common during the summer months. This renewed grant will allow the county to conduct studies on reported cases during the next few months. Lyme Disease is just one of a variety of illnesses that are caused by infected ticks. It is difficult to avoid ticks. Wearing light colored clothing may allow for a tick to be easily spotted, and body checks should be conducted whenever you return from the outdoors since pets can also serve as hosts for ticks, check pets thoroughly upon returning from the outside. If you come in contact with a tick you should consult a doctor. With early detection Lyme Disease can be treated quite effectively. "It is very difficult to completely protect yourself from ticks. It is important to remain aware of the possibility of ticks while outdoors. The medical experts of Nassau County are working hard to protect citizens and with this grant, they will be able to better serve the public," added Legislator Gonsalves. For further information about Lyme Disease and how to protect yourself, call the Nassau County Department of Health at 516-571-2006.

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