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  February 15, 2000


After only 45 days in the majority, the newly elected Democrat-controlled County Legislature passed legislation that imposes a new phone tax on Nassau County residents and businesses. The legislation imposes a .35 tax per phone line per month.

"I am shocked that after all the rhetoric of the political season where the Democrats decried taxes, the first piece of legislation that they author is a tax increase on our residents and business owners," said Legislator Norma Gonsalves (R-East Meadow). "I congratulate my Republican colleagues on the County Legislature for voting for lower taxes and smaller government by voting against the Democrats' telephone tax."

The phone tax is being imposed as a surcharge on phone bills for E-911 service. Residents who have local village or city police will have to pay the surcharge even though they may not have to dial 911 to receive emergency police services. Depending upon implementation, residents and business owners will see the Democrats' telephone tax on their phone bills in either April or May.

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