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         April 29, 2002

Legislator Dunne Sr. Votes to Execute Grants for Ombudsman Service

Legislator Dennis Dunne Sr. (R-Levittown) today voted to execute two grants for the Ombudservice Program for the elderly in Nassau County. Each of these grants, one federal and one state, will expand the current program in nursing homes to help resolve problems that arise between seniors and caregivers to improve the overall quality of life for the seniors living in nursing homes.

The Family and Children's Association of Nassau County oversees the ombudsman program. They oversee volunteer training and hiring of employees to serve as coordinators of the ombudsman program for the elderly who currently reside in nursing homes. The grants will allow current ombudsman program workers to actively recruit new volunteers to aid seniors living in nursing homes resolve disputes that may arise. Volunteers for the service are trained to settle various conflicts that arise in nursing homes between caregivers and the seniors. "The ombudsman service is designed to protect seniors living in nursing homes, to act as their voices when a situation arises. Their unheralded work is an example of the residents of Nassau County giving back to those who came before us," added Legislator Dunne Sr.. If you are interested in volunteering your time and services for the ombudsman program, please call 516-466-9718 for details.

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