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         February 20, 2002


In the dead of winter, there are numerous environmental dangers that can be hazardous to one's health. Whether it is frostbite, hypothermia, or falls on ice and snow, the winter elements cannot be taken lightly. One of these hidden dangers associated with cold weather is surprisingly located within our homes. Carbon Monoxide is an odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas that very often can prove to be fatal. Legislator Dennis Dunne Sr. (R-Levittown) states, "As our heating systems are being utilized due to the colder temperatures residents need to take precautions against exposure to carbon monoxide. There are a number of steps that can be taken to reduce your chance of exposure to carbon monoxide."

  • Install a CO alarm in your home.
  • Never ignore or disconnect your CO alarm.
  • Install and operate fuel-burning appliances according to manufacturer's instructions and local building codes.
  • Choose fuel-burning appliances which can be vented to the outdoors.
  • Have your heating system, vents, chimney and flue inspected and cleaned by a qualified technician each year. Regularly check them for improper conditions, visible rust and stains.
  • Address problems as soon as they appear.
  • Never use your barbeque indoors or in your garage.
  • Never leave your car running in your garage.

"By following a few simple rules you can protect your family from harmful Carbon Monoxide. Regularly test your Carbon Monoxide detectors along with your smoke detectors to ensure your safety," added Legislator Dunne Sr.. If you would like any further information on the dangers of Carbon Monoxide, you can call the Nassau County Health Department at 516-571-3410 or Legislator Dunne's office at 516-571-6215.

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