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         July 24, 2000

Informational Pamphlet Available

Nassau County Legislator Dennis Dunne, Sr. (R-Levittown) advises residents that awareness is key to reducing the risk of contracting Lyme disease or other tick-borne diseases. "With the warm summer months families spend more times outdoors locally or away visiting families or friends on vacation. Awareness of your surroundings and appropriate dress are important to preventing Lyme Disease," said Legislator Dunne.

The Nassau County Health Department provides the following advice:
  • Wear light-colored long sleeve shirts and pants tucked into socks or boots
  • Stay in the center of paths and trails
  • Check yourself for ticks every two to three hours while outside and again at home
  • Check pets for ticks regularly
  • Keep grass cut short and remove any unwanted vegetation around your home
The Department of Health provides an excellent pamphlet on Lyme Disease and other tick related illnesses. Residents interested in obtaining a copy of the pamphlet can do so by calling Legislator Dunne at 571-6215.

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