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         May 8, 2002

Legislator Dunne Sr. Urges All Citizens to Participate in the School District Vote on May 21st

On May 21st, the voters of Nassau County will have the opportunity to vote on their local school districts' proposed budgets. In Nassau County a full 66% of a homeowners property tax dollar goes to schools. Traditionally, however only a small percentage of registered voters come out for this most important vote. It is this vote that will determine if the school budget and a homeowner's overall property taxes will increase for the year. "The school budget vote is often overlooked but it very well maybe the most important vote of the entire year, so it is critical for all residents to come to the polls to make their feelings count," said Legislator Dennis Dunne Sr. (R-Levittown) about the upcoming vote.

Along with the school budget vote, Nassau County school districts will be voting on its board of trustees. The boards throughout the county construct the next year's budget so their individual philosophies will determine where the money is spent. Educational opportunities are not the only component of the school budget. Improvements or repairs on buildings and administrative costs also make up a large percentage of the total budget.

Local school districts will be sending out information on the proposed budget and where the vote will take place. It is important to read this information and study what the changes in the budget are going to be for the year. This information is not only valuable to homeowners with school children but also anyone who is concerned as to where their tax money is being spent. This is a chance for taxpayers to have direct influence in what their money is being spent on. In the school budget elections, the individual homeowner gets to decide where their tax dollars are being spent. School districts will gladly answer any questions that may arise about the budget. "By reading the provided information about the upcoming budget vote, the taxpayer will be able to make a knowledgeable decision when it is time to cast their vote," added Legislator Dunne Sr.. Remember to mark May 21st on your calendars and get out and vote.

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