(Mineola, NY)  Nassau County Clerk Maureen O’Connell cautions homeowners about mass mailings that continually are sent to local communities claiming “The U.S. Government Federal Citizen Information Center website recommends that property owners should have an official or certified copy of their deed.”  These letters recently targeted the Malverne area misleading homeowners to believe that it is necessary to purchase a certified copy of the deed to their home.

While homeowners are not required to have their deed, it is important to know that all deeds for property located in Nassau County are recorded , maintained and always available at the County Clerk’s Office and only the Clerk’s Office can issue certified copies of these records (which are legally equivalent to the original).  When the original deed is recorded with the Clerk’s Office, it is returned directly to the owner or their attorney upon processing.  These private companies continue to solicit to purchase a deed on behalf of the homeowner, sometimes for more than 1000% over Clerk’s Office fees.

County Clerk O’Connell, concerned by these deceptive practices, advocated along with County Clerks throughout the state for the passage of legislation requiring these solicitations to disclose that certified copies of deeds are available directly from the County Clerk for a nominal fee.  However, many homeowners continue to be victimized by these scams.

County Clerk O’Connell reminds residents it is not necessary to retain any type of service to get a copy of your deed. Certified copies of deeds can always be obtained from the County Clerk’s Office for $5 to $10.  Anyone wishing to request a certified copy of their deed can contact Clerk O’Connell’s office at 516-571-2664 for further information.