News Releases

12-20-13 Comptroller Maragos: Mismanagement of Correction Center Commissary May Be Affecting Inmate Welfare
11-19-13 Comptroller Maragos: 207 Striking NC College Adjunct Professors Will be Fined $170,000 in Salary
11-14-13 Comptroller Maragos: Living Wage Compliance Continues to Improve
10-29-13 Free Classes For Seniors and Veterans will Provide Tips on How To Keep Your Balance and Avoid Dangerous Falls
10-10-13 Winthrop-University Hospital and Nassau Comptroller George Maragos Team Up to Keep Seniors on their Feet
10-09-13 Comptroller’s Comments and Recommendations on the Proposed Nassau County 2014 Budget and Multi-Year Financial Plan
09-24-13 Nassau County Warns Former Comptroller Against False Claims that Could Hurt Taxpayers
08-28-13 Maragos: Government Transparency Upheld By NY State Highest Court Landmark Ruling
08-21-13 Emergency Shelter Agencies Underpay Employees by Over $10K
08-07-13 Maragos: County Projected to End 2013 with $5.6M Budgetary Surplus Due to Improving Economy
08-01-13 Maragos: Audit Finds All Trees on Searington Rd and Shelter Rock Rd Had to Come Down After Sandy for Safety Reasons
07-31-13 NEW - Living Wage Law Poster
07-23-13 Maragos: Nassau County Economy Scores with Return of Professional Soccer & Pele
07-15-13 Maragos Releases Audited 2012 Financial Results and Confirms $41.5M Surplus
07-12-13 Maragos: County Sales Tax Revenues Up 11.2% at Mid-Year 2013
06-24-13 Largest Union in Nassau County Calls Living Wage Law, Established by the Suozzi-Weitzman Administration, "Hypocritical" and Threatens Legal Action
06-21-13 New York State Awards Nassau County $5M For Cost Savings that Led to 2012 Budget Surplus
06-12-13 Comptroller Maragos: Despite Costs Of Superstorm Sandy, Nassau County Ends Fiscal Year 2012 with $41.6M Surplus
05-28-13 Maragos: Provider of Affordable Housing Repays Shortchanged Employees
05-22-13 Comptroller Maragos: Preschool Special Education Program Requires Improved Oversight
05-17-13 Audit Advisory Committee 2011-2012 Bi-Annual Report (.pdf file)
05-15-13 Maragos Alerts DA and AG Prior to Releasing $12M Payment Owed to Superstorm Sandy Vendor
05-15-13 Comptroller Maragos Announces New Deputy Comptroller of Audits and Special Projects
05-14-13 Maragos: Foster Care Services Could Be Improved
05-08-13 Maragos: Let's Go Islanders! 3 Playoff Games Will Generate Over $4M in Economic Activity
05-07-13 Maragos: Nassau County Paid Up To 32% Less Than NYC for Sandy Debris Removal
04-30-13 Independent Review of Sandy Claims Finds Comptroller's Staff Saving Taxpayers Money
04-24-13 Maragos: County to Be Credited Nearly $2M for Medicare Payment
04-17-13 Maragos: 200 High School Students Present Business Plans For Nassau County
04-12-13 Maragos: Sales Tax Up over 11% As the 2013 Economic Recovery on Long Island Continues
04-11-13 Maragos Provides Timeline and Approval Path of Emergency Payment for $6.7 Million to Debris Removal Company After Damage Caused by Tropical Storm Irene
04-02-13 Maragos: Not-for-Profit Homeless Shelter Provider Shortchanged Employees over $120,000
03-19-13 Maragos Announces First-Ever Nassau County High School Business Development Challenge
03-07-13 Maragos: Sequestration and Grumman May Hamper Strong Initial 2013 Economic Recovery on Long Island
03-05-13 Comptroller Maragos: Town of North Hempstead Continues to Conceal Financial Records
02-28-13 Maragos: Not-For-Profit Group Needs Management Overhaul
02-27-13 Comptroller Maragos and Staff Presented with Excellence in Financial Reporting Achievement Award for 3rd Straight Year
02-22-13 County Successfully Raises $337.9 Million at Very Low Rates to Fund Sandy Recovery
02-19-13 Maragos: County Maintains A+ Credit Rating
02-14-13 Court Once Again Rules Comptroller Maragos Can Audit Town of North Hempstead Park
02-13-13 2012 Sales Tax Revenues Up 5.2%
02-11-13 Comptroller Maragos Names New Chief of Staff, Town of Oyster Bay Town Clerk Steven Labriola
02-06-13 Maragos: Shelter Program Placed Some Needy Families at Risk
01-28-13 Maragos: County Is Effectively Monitoring Medicaid Eligibility
12-05-12 Audit Finds Over $200k in Overbilling by Social Service Provider
11-26-12 Strong Economic Recovery Continues After Superstorm Sandy; Black Friday Sales Increase 12.8%
11-15-12 Housing Audit Found Gross Mismanagement and Waste Dating Back to 2007
11-14-12 Nassau County Comptroller Maragos Asks Governor Cuomo to Repair LIPA
11-08-12 Economic Impact of Superstorm Sandy and Nor'easter may Reach $1 Billion in Nassau County
11-02-12 Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos is Offering His Office as a Work Station for Hurricane Sandy
11-01-12 Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos and County Executive Edward P. Mangano Warn of Price Gouging
10-31-12 Statement from Comptroller Maragos on the Damage Caused by Hurricane Sandy
10-17-12 2013 Budget Improves County Financial Trends with No Tax or Spending Increase
10-10-12 Maragos: Compliance with Living Wage Law at an All Time High
10-02-12 Maragos: Audit of the County's 2011 Federal Awards Finds Compliance Deficiencies
09-23-12 Maragos Homeowners Deserve Their Property Tax Refunds without Politics or More Debt
09-13-12 Rampant Injury Claims May Have Cost Taxpayers $13M
09-06-12 Maragos: Skyrocketing NY State Pension Contributions May Bankrupt Municipalities
08-01-12 Maragos: The Nassau County Living Wage Increases to $14.91 on August 1st 2012
07-30-12 Nassau County Comptroller Releases Audited Fiscal Year 2011 Results
07-26-12 2012 Mid-Year Report on the County's Financial Condition
07-13-12 Nassau County Ends Fiscal Year 2011 with an Unaudited $50.4 Million Deficit
07-09-12 LIBOR Manipulation Scandal May Have Cost Nassau County Taxpayers up to $13 million
05-08-12 Maragos: Hotel/Motel Tax Collection Needs Improvement
04-30-12 Non Profit Fails to Cooperate with Comptroller's Audit
04-20-12 Comptroller's Office Finds and Helps Collect $56k Owed by NYC
03-28-12 Comptroller Maragos: Nassau County Ends Fiscal Year 2011 with a Budgetary Surplus
02-16-12 Maragos to Scofflaws: Please Pay Your Tickets; Boot and Tow Contractor Authorized to Seize Vehicles
02-06-12 Maragos Audit Finds Petty Cash Policy Not Being Enforced in Nassau County Police Department
01-30-12 Maragos: Audit Recoups over $50,000 from Duplicate Payments Made for Children in Foster Care
01-13-12 Maragos and Staff Presented with Financial Reporting Achievement Award
01-10-12 Maragos: Traffic and Parking Violations Agency Needs New System to Collect Millions in Fines
12-20-11 County Office of Investigations is Effectively Weeding Out Medicaid and Social Services Fraud
12-01-11 Maragos: Excessive Phone Lines Cost County Up To $1.2M
10-06-11 Comptroller's Comments on the Proposed 2012 Budget
10-03-11 Maragos Releases Assessment Reports
09-14-11 Maragos: County IT Must Follow Through and Urgently Improve Management Practices to Mitigate Operations Risk
08-30-11 Maragos Finds over $15,000 in Unclaimed Funds for County
08-26-11 26% Pension Premium Increases Set for Nassau County
08-08-11 Maragos: Enforcement of Living Wage Law Paying Off
08-02-11 The Nassau County Living Wage increases to $14.61 per hour as of August 1st
07-29-11 Maragos: Additional Steps are Required to Avoid a Budget Deficit
07-21-11 Maragos: HUB Development with New Islanders' Home is Necessary for County
07-14-11 Comptroller Maragos Dismayed at the Continued Resistance to Audit of the Clinton G. Martin Park District by Town of Hempstead
06-29-11 Maragos: Nassau County 2010 Year-End Audited Financial Results Show a $26.6M Surplus
06-23-11 NYS Supreme Court Justice Affirms Comptroller's Authority to Audit Towns and Special Districts
06-09-11 Maragos: New County Incentive Could Save $1.26 Million in Health Insurance Costs
06-06-11 Maragos: LIPA’s Error Prone Billing System Makes It Difficult for Commercial Clients to Manage Electric Usage
05-24-11 Comptroller Maragos: County Contracts with AIDS Care Provider on HOLD
05-18-11 Comptroller Maragos: Additional Budgetary Initiatives Must be Implemented to End 2011 in Balance
05-06-11 Comptroller Maragos Names New Deputy Comptroller of Administration and Community Outreach
05-03-11 Comptroller Maragos: Former County IDA Gave Financial Assistance with Little Regard for Taxpayer Benefits
03-29-11 County Hospital Audit Finds Widespread Financial Deficiencies and Lost Gross Billing of Up To $6.5M
03-10-11 Comptroller Maragos: Nassau County Ends Fiscal Year 2010 with $17.2m Surplus
03-03-11 Maragos: South Farmingdale Water District's Internal Controls and Business Practices Need Improvement
02-24-11 Maragos: Retirement Incentives Save County Over $28M
02-23-11 Maragos Announces Operational Audit of the Problem Plagued Nassau Crime Lab
02-22-11 Comptroller Maragos joins with other NY County Comptrollers to Announce the Formation of the New York State Elected County Comptrollers' Association
02-10-11 Sales Tax 6.7% Higher than Last Year Excluding Energy Tax
01-10-11 Comptroller Maragos and Staff Presented with Financial Reporting Achievement Award
01-06-11 Comptroller's Statement on Nassau County's Finances
12-20-10 NIFA's Failure to Act Will Cost the County $5.21 Million in 2011
11-30-10 Maragos: Nassau County will Close 2010 in Balance or with Small Surplus
11-17-10 Maragos Lays Out Options to Save LI Bus
10-06-10 Maragos: Proposed Mangano Budget Slashes Costs to Balance Budget with No Property Tax Increase
09-20-10 Maragos: NassauRx Card Saved Residents Over $1.6m in 2010
09-07-10 Maragos: Nassau County has Potential to Generate up to $67 million in New Non-Tax Revenue
08-23-10 Comptroller Maragos' First Online Town Hall Meeting a Virtual Success
08-02-10 Nassau Projected to Finish 2010 Fiscal Year with Balanced Budget
07-29-10 Maragos: Audits Found Medicaid Home Care Aids and Others Underpaid by 281,790
07-22-10 Maragos appoints Joseph Gonzal to the Audit Advisory Committee
07-21-10 Paul Levental named new Chair of Audit Advisory Committee
07-14-10 Maragos: Rubber Stamping of Contracts is Over
06-30-10 Maragos: Nassau County Closes Difficult 2009 Financial Year
06-09-10 NY State Pension Fund asks County for 45% Increase in 2011 Contributions
06-07-10 Major Credit Agency Gives Nassau 'Negative Outlook'
05-19-10 Maragos: 'Temporary Employees' Costs Nassau Over $2M Since 2007
05-12-10 Comptroller Maragos Announces New Deputy Comptroller of Audits and Special Projects
04-15-10 Maragos, Mangano, and Schumer will lead the fight to reduce potential hikes in Statewide Health Insurance Premiums
03-29-10 Maragos: Audit Finds $7.3 Million in Health Benefits Savings for 2010
03-23-10 Comptroller Maragos: Special Districts and Villages Should be Judged Based on Merit by their Local Communities
03-16-10 Comptroller Maragos: Nassau County Ended Fiscal Year 2009 with Alarming Structural Deficit of Over $248 Million
03-01-10 Comptroller Maragos Recommends Cancellation of Flawed $82 Million Technology Contract
02-25-10 Maragos: Tax Assessment Problem Balloons to $114 million
02-22-10 Maragos stops payment of $1.2m contract improperly approved by Suozzi Administration as part of investigation of $68.3m in last minute contracts
02-21-10 Comptroller Maragos finds prior administration rushed to approve $68.3 million in contracts before leaving office
02-16-10 Long Island Comptrollers, Maragos and Sawicki, Meet to Discuss Tax Assessments, Counties Taxes and Mutual Cooperation
02-03-10 Comptroller Maragos asks Treasurer to Invoice and Collect over $5 million owed to the County for 2008 and 2009
01-29-10 Maragos Empowers Outside Audit Advisory Committee to Aggressively Review County's Financial State
01-28-10 Comptroller Maragos Releases Follow-Up Audit of Health Care Provider
01-26-10 Comptroller Maragos Requests Nassau OTB's Financial Data
01-22-10 Comptroller Maragos Announces Management Team
01-04-10 Comptroller Maragos says sales tax up 9.4% over last years December check; Still down 6.3% overall
01-03-10 George Maragos sworn in as new Comptroller; Vows to protect every taxpayer dollar and tackle tough economy