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Kevan Abrahams
Legislative District 1
(516) 571-6201


09-09-13 Legislator Abrahams Informs of “Obamacare” Seminar
09-04-13 Understanding STAR Registration
08-30-13 Legislator Abrahams Hosts Successful Discussion About Youth Interaction with Law Enforcement
07-15-13 Leg. Abrahams Supports NUMC's Detox Clinic
06-20-13 Leg. Abrahams Invites Residents to Tax Exemption Workshops

Leg. Abrahams Attends Roosevelt Mem. Day Parade

05-26-13 Leg. Abrahams participates in Memorial Day Celebration
05-16-13 Leg. Abrahams to Sponsor 7th Annual Empowerment Weekend

Leg. Abrahams holds Redistricting Meeting

01-29-13 Leg. Abrahams hold Tax Assessment meetings
01-03-13 STAR Tax Filing Deadline Extension


12-15-12 Leg. Abrahams hosts his 3rd Annual "Holiday of Giving" Event
12-14-12 Reminder from Leg. Abrahams: Register with FEMA
12-10-12 Leg. Abrahams informs public of FEMA Recovery Centers
12-10-12 Leg. Abrahams informing of FEMA Sandy Relief
12-03-12 Nassau County Bar Association hosts free Superstorm Sandy Consultations
11-26-12 Leg. Abrahams presents "Sandy" Recovery & Relief Information
10-09-12 Leg. Abrahams reminds residents of heating requirements
09-22-12 Leg. Abrahams host "Let's Move! Back to School Health Fair"
08-15-12 Leg. Abrahams invites all to a mortgage event hosted by Neighborhood Assistance Corp. of America
08-13-12 Nassau County Bar Association to hold Foreclosure Clinics
07-14-12 Leg. Abrahams hosts Cyberbullying Forum
07-14-12 Leg. Abrahams host 7th Annual Roundball Classic & Family Day
06-27-12 Leg. Abrahams attended United Healthcare's Free Dental Day
06-27-12 Leg. Abrahams show support for the troops at Freeport's Fleet Week
06-21-12 Legislator Abrahams sponsers a Job Fair
06-14-12 Cyberbullying Forum
05-26-12 Let's Move
05-19-12 Leg. Abrahams attends March of Dimes' Four Transforming Sesssions
04-21-12 Legislator Abrahams celebrates Freeport Resident's 100th Birthday
04-16-12 Legislator Abrahams honors Uniondale Show Choir
04-04-12 Legislator Abrahams attends Roosevelt's Health Fair
03-25-12 Legislator Abrahams receives Humanitarian Award
03-05-12 LI Press: Nassau OKs Cutting 4 Police Precincts
02-21-12 Catch the Vision Meeting
02-02-12 Legislature Abrahams: More Auxiliary Police Needed


11-21-11 Abrahams' Annual "Holiday of Giving" Announced
11-03-11 FEMA Deadlines for Disaster Assistance Announced
10-24-11 Mangano Budget Threatens Public Safety!
09-26-11 Abrahams Attacks Mangano's "Out-of-Touch" Budget
09-23-11 Free Health Exams for Women Announced
09-16-11 Hurricane Damage Grant Program Helps Residents
07-25-11 6th Annual Roundball Classic/Family Day A Success
06-24-11 Free Informational Meeting on New TPS Rules for Haitian Community
06-21-11 Abrahams Congratulates Robert Bruin, Eagle Scout
06-09-11 Abrahams Announces Water Safety Tips
05-31-11 Roosevelt's Annual Family Empowerment Weekend
05-23-11 Legislator Abrahams Has Prom Night Safety Tips
05-19-11 Free Mortgage Foreclosure Clinic Announced
05-03-11 Abrahams Invites Volunteers to Help with the Keep America Beautiful “Big Sweep”
05-03-11 Legislator Abrahams Announces Free Kidney Health Screenings
04-28-11 Legislator Kevan Abrahams Honors Joanna Bell-Richards
04-28-11 Legislator Abrahams Announces Free Health Screenings at NUMC
04-28-11 Legislator Abrahams Suggests Unique Mother’s Day Gift
04-21-11 New ShopRite Welcomed to Uniondale
04-20-11 Firings Put Housing and Homeless Services at Risk
04-13-11 South Hempstead Fire Dept. Installation
04-11-11 Oratorical Festival Participants Congratulated
04-07-11 Legislator Abrahams Thanks Auxiliary Police
04-07-11 Abrahams Congratulates Community Debutantes
04-05-11 Legislator Abrahams Demands County Exec Mangano Stop Playing Politics With Kids
03-29-11 Abrahams Announces Operation Safe Stop
03-15-11 US Citizenship Interview Demonstration Announced
03-14-11 Hempstead Public School Pre-K and Leg. Abrahams Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ Birthday!
03-11-11 Second Planning with Your Aging Parents Seminar Announced
03-08-11 County Executive Mangano Urged to Stop MTA Cuts
03-03-11 Deadline for Filing Grievances Extended
02-08-11 Stop the NIFA lawsuit!
01-19-11 Legislator Abrahams Congratulates Honorees During Reverend Martin Luther King Ceremony
01-18-11 Abrahams Speaks at Teen Leadership Summit
01-14-11 Planning With Your Aging Parents Seminar


12-03-10 Holiday of Giving
11-10-10 Attention Landlords: Residential Rental Heating Requirements
10-21-10 Community Flu Shot Program Announced
10-19-10 Abrahams Has Safeguards to Ensure Lead Free Kids
10-12-10 Voter Registration Drive with Delta Sigma Theta
10-07-10 Legislator Abrahams and RCRG Promote Roosevelt Community
09-30-10 Legislator Abrahams Reminds Us October is Breast Awareness Month
09-21-10 Free Rabies Vaccinations for Pets
09-16-10 Legislator Abrahams Hosts "A Day of Giving"
09-02-10 Legislator Abrahams: Help CAPS Fight Bullying
09-02-10 We Need You in the Fight against Hunger
09-01-10 Abrahams Lauds New Law to Protect Domestic Workers
08-31-10 Legislator Abrahams Warns: West Nile Virus Still Active
08-30-10  Kids Need Vaccinations As Well As School Supplies
07-27-10 Abrahams Leads Fight to Secure Raise for Home Healthcare Workers
07-15-10 Free Mortgage Foreclosure Clinic Announced
07-06-10 Ulysses Byas Elementary School Grads Congratulated
06-25-10 County Officials Attend Opening of The Safe Place
06-25-10 Legislator Abrahams is Keynote Speaker for Washington Rose School Graduates
06-25-10 Legislator Abrahams Celebrates Nostrand Gardens Civic Association Beautification Effort
07-07-10 Abrahams Wants Tougher Sex Offender Monitoring Law
06-29-10 Leg. Abrahams Mobilizes Community to Combat Violence
06-18-10 Donate Your Used Eyeglasses to Help the People of Haiti
06-18-10 Legislator Abrahams Announces Free Food Giveaway
06-18-10 Abrahams Honors Chandeerah Davis for Outstanding Academic Achievements
06-15-10 Abrahams Attends HipHop Summit Youth Council's "Read 2 Succeed" Event at Hempstead High School
06-10-10 LIPA Customers with Special Medical Needs Urged to Enroll in Critical Care Program
06-09-10 Family Empowerment Day
06-09-10 The Family Empowerment Commitee's Man in the Mirror Presentation
05-25-10  County Officials Attend Shomrim Society Annual Breakfast  
05-20-10 Abrahams Joins Surprise for Principal Linda Friedman
05-19-10 Abrahams Hosts Hearing on Proposed MTA ABLE Ride Cuts
05-18-10 Abrahams Attends Children's Academy Career Day  
05-11-10 May is Melanoma Awareness Month
05-04-10 Freeport Cares Community Peace March
04-23-10 Legislator Abrahams Warns Motorists of Crackdown 
04-23-10 Storm Damage Assistance for Homeowners Announced
03-25-10 "Drop the phone before someone gets hurt."
03-23-10 Legislator Abrahams Urges Residents to Fill Out and Mail Census Form Before April 1st
02-23-10 Legislators to IDA: Let's Get All the Information First!
02-22-10 Legislator Abrahams Urges Drivers to "Clean Off the Top"
02-02-10 Bethpage Federal Credit Union Opens in Roosevelt
01-28-10 Rohan Wray, Uniondale Hero is Honored
01-26-10 Legislator Abrahams Urges County Executivve to Hault Wasteful Spending of Taxpayer Dollars-"Stop the Raises!"

Legislator Abrahams & Community Leaders Coordinate to Assist Victims of Devastating Earthquake in Haiti


New Website that Assists Uninsured Residents to Secure Health Insurance

01-08-10 Legislator Abrahams Sworn In For 5th Term


10-22-09 Legislator Abrahams Encourages Residents to Register for Free Mortgage Foreclosure Clinic
10-01-09 Residents Warned to Be Wary of Gas Zone Pricing
08-31-09 State Grant for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
08-27-09 Legislator Abrahams Announces Bar Association's Free Mortgage Foreclosure Consultations
08-17-09 Abrahams Thanks Don Dreyer for His Advocacy
07-28-09 “New ShotSpotter Gunshot Locator Will Save Lives," Says Legislator Abrahams

07-23-09 African American Heritage Celebrated

Residents are Encouraged to Attend Free Attorney Led Foreclosure Clinic

06-24-09 Fraud Alert - Be Wary Of Emails Appearing To Be From The IRS
06-01-09 Family Empowerment Day 2009
05-21-09 Toddlers Share School Motto With Legislator Abrahams and Legislature
05-20-09 Prom Night Safety Tips
05-12-09 New Westbury Out Station Center for Nassau County Social Services
Nassau County Department of Health Emergency Preparedness Program community meeting
04-28-09 Legislator Abrahams Welcomes Pat-Kam Schoolchildren
04-24-09 Abrahams Honored at Derrick Adkins Holiday Classic Track and Field Meet
04-13-09 Legislator Abrahams Encourages First Time Home Buyersto Apply for an $8,000 Tax Credit
03-30-09 Legislator Abrahams Congratulates People to People Ambassador Charles Byam
03-27-09 Congratulations to Woman Trailblazer Kathleen Spatz of South Hempstead
03-17-09 Legislator Abrahams: “The Violence Must End”
03-13-09 Legislator Abrahams & HEVN Lead Community Outcry: “Stop Racial Violence on LI”
02-24-09 If You Can Read This, Help Someone Who Can't
02-06-09 Legislator Abrahams Presents an Award To Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation
01-25-09 Residents Urged to Participate in American Diabetes Alert Day
01-20-09 Legislator Abrahams Honors Martin Luther King Jr. Award Winners
01-22-09 Long Island ACORN Tax Center Opens


12-05-08 Legislator Abrahams Celebrates Tuskegee Airman's 90th Birthday
12-04-08 "Enroll in YouthBuild LI" says Legislator Abrahams
12-04-08 Legislator Abrahams Urges Installation of CO Alarms to Save Lives
12-01-08 Olympian Derrick Adkins Honored by Legislator Abrahams
12-01-08 Toys for Tots Collection Underway
08-07-08 Hurricane and Emergency Preparedness Workshop
08-07-08 Legislator Abrahams Brings County Mammogram Van to Freeport
03-24-08 Abrahams Announces Free Tax Preparation and Info on How to Receive Economic Stimulus Rebate Checks
02-22-08 Abrahams Advises Seniors to File 2007 Tax Return to Qualify for Economic Stimulus Payments
01-18-08 Abrahams Encourages Volunteering at Nassau University Medical Center


12-21-07 Lights, Camera, Nassau County! Register Your Home with the Nassau County Film Commission
12-12-07 Abrahams Encourages Volunteers for the Community Emergency Response Team
11-28-07 Send Letters to Santa at Nassau County Parks
11-09-07 Abrahams and Fellow Majority Lawmakers Approve Mortgage Tax Revenues
11-05-07 Abrahams and Health Department Issue Recall of WIC Lunch Bags
10-22-07 Abrahams Announces Improvements to Freeport's North Main Street One Step Closer to Approval
10-15-07 Abrahams Reminds Residents of Flu Vaccination Dates
10-12-07 Legislator Abrahams Approves Licensing for Locksmiths; Funds for Senior Job Training Program
09-27-07 Abrahams Reminds Residents of National Adult Immunization Week
09-10-07 Legislator Abrahams Approves Environmental Guidelines for County Construction Projects
09-05-07 Abrahams Reminds Residents that Schools are Open, Please Drive Safely
08-30-07 Abrahams Announces Free Rabies Vaccination Clinic Open to All County Residents
08-30-07 Abrahams Approves 2007-2008 NCC Budget
08-30-07 Abrahams Reminds Residents of Protection Offered by State Insurance Office Against Unfair Business Practices
08-30-07 Abrahams Encourages Volunteers for the Community Emergency Response Team
08-23-07 Abrahams recommends that parents review all toys in their homes for lead hazards
08-01-07 Abrahams Approves Funds for Senior Meals Program
07-30-07 Legislature approves proposal to reorganize and strengthen Long Island Regional Planning Board
07-18-07 Abrahams and Lawmakers Approve Law Notifying Neighbors of County Land Sales
07-10-07 Abrahams & Lawmakers Approve Social Host Law, Alec's Law, Underground Fuel Tank Regulations
06-18-07 Abrahams Encourages Residents to Remember a Few Safety Tips to Prevent Heat-Related Health Risks
06-05-07 Abrahams Approves Law Requiring Tattoo/Piercing Parlors to Explain Health Risks of Body-Piercing
05-31-07 Abrahams and Nassau Red Cross Offer Hurricane Preparation Tips
05-24-07 Abrahams Announces Recruitment Drive for the New York State Police
05-22-07 Abrahams Encourages Residents to Observe National Missing Children's Day May 25
05-21-07 Abrahams and Lawmakers Act Quickly to Increase Safety Conditions at County Police Shooting Range
05-15-07 Abrahams Announces the Trapping Mosquitoes for West Nile Virus in Nassau County
05-10-07 Abrahams approves sales tax revenues for local villages
05-08-07 Abrahams Urges Residents to Apply for Lifeguard Positions Throughout Nassau County
05-02-07 Abrahams joins with Unsung Heroes Helping Heroes to demand continued commitment to fund needs of 9-11 first responders
04-26-07 Abrahams Encourages More Minority and Female to Apply for Police Exam
03-29-07 Abrahams: Volunteers Needed for Emergency Preparedness and Public Health Threats
03-22-07 Abrahams approves Military Leave pay for those serving in War on Terrorism
03-15-07 Jacobs and Abrahams tell residents how to hold on to more of their 'green' this year
02-12-07 Abrahams says 'County's food concessionaire will make snack bars trans-fat free.'
02-05-07 Abrahams Applauds Organization Dedicated to Providing Books to Children
01-25-07 Abrahams Announces Nassau County's Second Charity Care Report
01-25-07 Abrahams and Fellow Lawmakers Approve Tax Exemptions at Jan. 22 Legislative Session
01-16-07 Abrahams Reminds Residents of Rental Heating Requirements
01-15-07 Abrahams & Suozzi cut ribbon on MLK Memorial Peace Park
01-10-07 Abrahams Encourages Residents to Make Their Voices Heard at Flu Vaccine Meeting
01-09-07 Abrahams Announces Construction Aimed to Alleviate Flooding Problems at Milburn Creek


12-28-06 Abrahams Announces Two Free "Quit Smoking" Programs
12-20-06 Abrahams and Legislature move to intervene in Federal lawsuit to avoid electoral chaos next year
12-18-06 Majority Legislators Announce $60,000 for Home Energy Assistance Program
12-05-06 Abrahams approves mortgage tax revenues for local villages
12-05-06 Abrahams encourages residents to be aware of holiday gift card scams
11-27-06 Abrahams and legislature remind residents to get flu shots before winter
11-14-06 Abrahams & legislature approve environmental law to curb air pollution and improve public health
11-13-06 Voters overwhelmingly say "Yes" to County's $100 Million Open Space program
11-03-06 Abrahams announces creation of a new, reflective park in Uniondale to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
11-01-06 Abrahams announces environmental package to curb air pollution and improve public health
11-01-06 Abrahams announces law restricting use of motorized scooters, pocket bikes & ATVs
10-31-06 Abrahams Offers Halloween Safety Tips
09-18-06 Abrahams Honors Local Poet
09-15-06 Abrahams Honors Mystery 9/11 Rescuer
08-14-06 Abrahams Announces Nassau’s Tobacco 19 law to go into effect on August 24
08-01-06 Abrahams and Majority Legislators Approve Megan’s Law Helpline
06-20-06 Abrahams Encourages Residents to Attend Community Gang Prevention Informational Session
05-23-06 Abrahams and Nassau lawmakers join with Tenants & Neighbors to voice outrage at Rent Guidelines Board and Governor
05-11-06 Abrahams Announces 1st Annual Roundball Classic
05-09-06 Abrahams Announces Summer Employment Opportunities in Nassau County
05-08-06 Abrahams and Majority Democrats approve $155 M long-term capital improvement plan
05-05-06 Abrahams Encourages Nassau’s Women to Get a Mammogram for Mother’s Day
05-03-06 Abrahams and Minority Affairs Committee Hear Testimony on Domestic Workers Bill of Rights
05-01-06 Abrahams and Majority Legislators approve law raising legal age to 19 to purchase tobacco
03-27-06 Community Meetings
03-24-06 Legislator Abrahams Announces Nicotine Replacement Therapy (The Patch) is Available Free to Residents
03-20-06 Abrahams and Majority legislators call for residency restrictions for all levels of registered sex offenders
03-13-06 Corbin, Abrahams Approve the Renaming of Hempstead Transit Center to “Rosa Parks Hempstead Transit Center”
03-13-06 Abrahams, Scannell and Denenberg Approve Mortgage Tax Revenues for Freeport & Hempstead Villages
03-06-06 Legislator Abrahams Meets With Open Space Advisory Committee Chairman Brian Muellers
02-24-06 Abrahams named to chair Public Works Committee, vice chair of Finance and Minority Affairs


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