County Clerk congratulates WARM Association Girl Scouts

(Mineola, NY)   The WARM (Willistons, Albertson, Roslyn & Mineola) Association of Girl Scouts recently held their annual Award Ceremony to honor members who have earned the Girl Scouts Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards.  Nassau County Clerk Maureen O’Connell joined other area officials, the leaders and families of the WARM Association of Girl Scouts to honor and applaud these young women who have demonstrated enormous dedication to community service.  Clerk O’Connell presented each of the honorees with Citations in acknowledgement of their wonderful achievements.

Gold Award Troop 1558:  Williston Park Mayor Paul Erhar, East Williston Park Deputy Mayor Bonnie Parente, East Williston Mayor David Tanner, Gold Award Honoree Alexandria Blach, Nassau County Clerk Maureen O’Connell, Patricia Blach and Mineola Mayor Scott Strauss

Silver Award Troop 1200: Silver Award Honorees Emma de Bellegarde, Christina Cardinal, Kelly Cunningham, Aileen Higgins, Clare Louise O’Hara and Aileen Holbrook
Silver Award Troop 1803: Silver Award Honorees Katie Keane, Michelle Viola, Kristen McAndle, Kyla Cunha

Silver Award Troop 1283:  Silver Award Honorees Emma Parente, Laura D’Angelo, Isabella Araujo, Lianna Golden and Katie Conte

Bronze Award Troop 1151: Bronze Award Honorees Lauren Wasserman, Nicole Uttaro, Kayla Tremblay, Martine Schultheiss, Julie Rega, Kerri Zappella, Emma Collins, Emily Marotta, Ava Leone, Olivia Lappin, Elizabeth Egan, Samantha DiMilia, Elizabeth Dorrian

Bronze Award Troop 1182: Bronze Award Honorees Brianna Werny, Grace bridges, Charlotte Williams, Meghan Heckelman, Katie Cullen, Katelin Christy, Veronica Carr, Colleen Miller, Julianne Amante and Catherine Winski

Bronze Award Troop 1314: Bronze Award Honorees Kaitlynn D’Angelo, Ava Murphy, Jenna Cronin, Sofia Berger, Gabriela Paternostro, Nicolina Hirschfeld

Bronze Award Troop 1374: Bronze Award Honorees Jessica McCarthy, Rebecca Tobar, kayla Guerrero, Alyssa Garbarini, Mia McCann, Colleen Talty, Marcella Joaquin,  Daniella Condon and Emily Asam

Bronze Award Troop 1860: Bronze Award Honorees Alison Amarain, Emily Arcieri, Emma Blennau, Jenna Bonavita, Hema Kumar, Victoria Mora, Julia Nygaard and Ashley Vincenzo