September 23, 2012

Maragos: Homeowners Deserve To Receive Their Tax Refunds without Politics or More County Debt

Mineola, NY: Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos asked the County Attorney to amend his petition to Judge Adams in the County Supreme Court which asks the Court to oversee the use of a private investor to pay for property tax refunds. The Court petition was understood to be a good faith attempt to pay 18,000 Nassau County homeowners their property tax refunds which have been delayed due to the Democratic Legislative Caucus’ refusal to allow the County to partially bond the payment of all settlements and judgments. The County Attorney’s petition, as written, may possibly have the effect of circumventing the Comptroller’s mandate under the charter to review contracts and claims and would increase the County debt.

"The taxpayers who have won judgments deserve their refunds,” Comptroller Maragos said. “However, proper payment methods need to be used with appropriate oversight, consistent with the County Charter.”