November 19, 2013

COMPTROLLER MARAGOS: 207 Striking NC College Adjunct Professors
Will be Fined $170,000 in Salary

Mineola, NY- At the request of the Nassau County Community College (NCC) Acting President, Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos ordered the County Payroll Department to deduct pay from 207 adjunct professors deemed to have illegally participated in a strike from September 9 to September 13, 2013. Two days of pay will be deducted for every day on strike. The total amount of the deductions will be approximately $170,000 which will occur over the next two pay periods.

“We do not like deducting peoples pay checks, however, the law is very clear that employees who receive the benefit of civil service protections have a responsibility to their students to remain on the job and resolve their issues through collective bargaining,” said Comptroller Maragos. The Comptroller’s Office, at the request of the College’s Acting President, will make the required payroll deductions beginning with this week’s payroll.”

Section 210 of the Civil Service Law (Taylor Law) prohibits public employees from engaging in strikes.  Once it has been determined that public employees engage in a strike, the chief executive officer of the public agency must notify employees that it has been determined that they engaged in a strike.  Once this notice is received, Section 210 requires the agency to deduct from each striking employee’s paycheck an amount equal to twice the employee’s daily rate of pay for each day that said employee participated in the strike. 

Each affected striking College employee received a letter from NCC Acting President, Kenneth Saunders, advising that, pursuant to Section 210(2)(e) of the Civil Service Law of the State of New York, the employee  engaged in a strike and without permission was absent from work.

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