January 22, 2010

Comptroller Maragos Announces Management Team

Frank Moroney
Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos has named Francis X. Moroney as his Chief Deputy Comptroller, and John Mastromarino the Deputy Comptroller for Accounting, Payroll, Claims, and Health Benefits. They join a professional staff previously in the Comptroller’s office that includes Deputy Comptroller of Audits, Aline Khatchadorian, Accounting Director Kathy Kugler, Counsel to the Comptroller, Rhonda Maco and Moira LaBarbara, and Jostyn Hernandez, Communications Director.


"With the economic challenges we face it is absolutely necessary have an experienced team of professionals who can deliver results for the tax payers,” Comptroller Maragos said. “The team brings in new ideas and skill but also retains a lot of good

Chief Deputy Comptroller Frank Maroney

expertise already within the Comptroller’s office. This will ensure continuity without disruption in critical Comptroller functions.”


Frank Moroney has been an attorney for 33 years and counsel to the New York State Senate Committee on Energy and Telecommunications. He also was Executive Director of the Charter Revision Commission that created the Nassau County Legislature. Frank is from Westbury where he lives with his wife and children.

John Mastromarino comes to us from the Town of Hempstead where he was Comptroller for 15 years. John is a Certified John MastromarinoPublic Accountant and was partner of a CPA firm. John is from Valley Stream where he has lived for 38 years with his wife and children.

To reach Comptroller Maragos or anyone from his staff you can send your e-mails to nccomptroller@nassaucountyny.gov or call (516) 571-2386.

John Mastromarino, Deputy Comptroller for Accounting, Payroll, Claims, and Health Benefits