July 14, 2011

Comptroller Maragos Dismayed by Continued Resistance to Audit of Clinton G. Martin Park District by Town of North Hempstead

Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos today expressed his dismay with the Town of North Hempstead’s continued resistance to the Comptroller’s Subpoena and effort to audit the Clinton G. Martin Park District, after Supreme Court Justice Denise Sher dismissed the lawsuit by the Town of North Hempstead seeking to stop the audit.


"The residents of this district have waited a long time for answers to questions relating to the taxes they pay to support the district and its operations. They need answers, not delays,” Comptroller Maragos stated. “Unfortunately, the Town continues to refuse the Comptroller’s professional audit staff access to the Park District’s financial records.”

The County Comptroller served a subpoena on the Town of North Hempstead after Town Officials indicated that the Town would not cooperate with the Audit by the County. Immediately after being served with the subpoena, the Town sought a court order to stop the Comptroller’s Audit. In a decision dated June 17, 2011, Justice Sher directed the Town to comply with the subpoena “within fourteen (14) days.” The 14 days ended July 5th. Instead of complying, the Town of North Hempstead filed an appeal to Justice Sher’s decision on June 30, 2011 to further delay bringing light to the Park District’s finances.  

"The Comptroller’s Office has the authority to audit the Town and Special Districts,” said Comptroller Maragos. “The Court has reaffirmed that power. Further appeals and litigation will not result in stopping the audit but merely delay it. The Town’s conduct prevents governmental transparency and is a waste of taxpayer dollars in a time of belt tightening and shrinking tax dollars.”

Attachment: Notice of Appeal