Mangano Seeks To Expand Efforts In Rooting Out Medicaid Waste, Fraud And Abuse

Achieving $51 Million in Cost Avoidance to Date Compels County Executive Mangano

to Seek Approval of Wider Opportunities for Investigation

While the New York State Office of the Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG) currently limits the types of Medicaid investigations permitted by the county to medical transportation, pharmacy and durable medical equipment only, Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano has asked the New York State Medicaid Inspector General for expansion of the county’s investigation functions to include reviews of nursing homes, assisted living and other long-term care facilities. County Executive Mangano anticipates that as the population throughout Nassau County continues to age, more people will be in need of long term care, thereby increasing the possibility for abuse of taxpayer funds.

In a recent letter to the Medicaid Inspector General, County Executive Mangano highlighted the need to ensure that the facilities are appropriately and responsibly meeting the needs of older adults.

“With a rapidly expanding aging population on Long Island and the increasing prevalence of nursing homes, assisted living and other long-term care facilities, we undoubtedly and confidently believe that the savings to our taxpayers through the uncovering of waste, fraud and abuse in those institutions will be significantly enhanced far in excess of our current productivity,” said County Executive Mangano.

Thus far, the savings in uncovering Medicaid waste, fraud and abuse in Nassau County has exceeded $51 million.

“Nassau County welcomes the opportunity to expand its investigation program in order to protect taxpayers,” added Mangano. “I am hopeful the Medicaid Inspector General will agree and approve our proposed expansion.”