Mangano: Nassau Receives Engineering Award For Success At Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant

Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano today announced the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant has earned the American Council of Engineering Companies' (ACEC) prestigious Diamond Award for the design and operation of the plant’s de-chlorination facility. The innovative facility greatly automated operations and allowed for more efficient deployment County workers. The project is estimated to have saved taxpayers $11 million while also protecting the environment and local waterways.

“This prestigious Diamond Award illustrates the progress my administration made toward improving the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant before Hurricane Sandy,” said County Executive Mangano. “To reverse years of neglect by the prior administration, Nassau invested more than $70 million in repairs at the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant which had a successful impact on the operation of the plant. I commend Nassau County Department of Public Works Commissioner Shila Shah-Gavnoudias and her staff who worked tirelessly to achieve this success.”

The Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant had marked more than a year without any violations before Hurricane Sandy hit Nassau County and the de-chlorination facility played a key role in that accomplishment. The new de-chlorination facility, designed by engineering firm Malcolm Pirnie, Inc., enabled the County to meet strict new effluent guidelines that help protect our environment and waterways.

Mangano added, “My administration will continue to take every step necessary to improve and repair the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant in this Post-Hurricane Sandy world. Nassau County has an obligation to not only the users of the plant, but also its neighbors and our environment and local waterways.”