Mangano: Make Nassau’s Roads The Safest In The Nation For Pedestrians, Bicyclists And Drivers

In an effort to continue his administration’s goal in making Nassau’s roads the safest in the nation, Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano announced today that the County Legislature approved his Complete Streets program that ensures Nassau will consider all users ofroadways, pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders in planning and design of new and current roadways.

“The standards and guidelines set forth by Complete Streets will help us better plan road projects to make Nassau’s roads the safest they can be at all times for pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers alike,” stated County Executive Mangano. “Not only does this law encourage residents to walk, bicycle and take public transportation, it also helps create a situation that will relieve congestion and pollution caused by motor vehicles.”

By including Complete Streets principles in the design and construction of future road projects, Nassau County will be able to accommodate and facilitate safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists. These design principles include paved shoulders and bicycle lanes suitable to encourage bicycle riders. Other designs would improve sidewalks, signage, crosswalks, pedestrian signalization and traffic calming methods designed to allow pedestrian and motor vehicles to safely coexist.

“The importance of pedestrian and driver safety cannot be understated. Both walkers and drivers must be alert when crossing an intersection. This program will help increase awareness of this topic and hopefully save lives.” said Presiding Officer Norma L. Gonsalves

In support of the Complete the Street program and plans to create safe walking, driving, and cycling conditions, Vision Long Island Executive Director Eric Alexander stated, “Vision Long Island is happy to hear that Nassau County is addressing pedestrian safety through policies aimed at substantive design changes of its roadways. With our region aging, a decline in car ownership among young people and an increase in staycations there are more people walking and biking on our streets. It's long overdue to make them safe.”

“From 2009-2011, 84 pedestrians were killed on roads in Nassau County,” said Ryan Lynch, associate director for the Tri-State Transportation Campaign. “Adoption and implementation of a Complete Streets policy will not only help prevent these tragic fatalities, but also create the transportation choices that add resiliency into our transportation system, helping residents weather future storms like Hurricane Sandy. County Executive Mangano and Nassau County’s legislative champions for Complete Streets should be applauded for their leadership, and the Tri-State Transportation Campaign encourages the legislature to adopt the policy as soon as possible.”