Mangano Announces Construction Of New First Precinct To Begin In October

Kellogg House to Be Transformed into a Community Center, Harrison Avenue to Remain Open

Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano today announced that construction of a new First Precinct for the Police Department will begin in October 2013, pending approval from the County Legislature. The construction brings a modern, cutting edge building to the Police Department while addressing the concerns of the surrounding community, including the preservation of a historic house and keeping Harrison Avenue open to the public. This project saves $21 million when compared to a costly plan put forth by the prior administration that would have saddled taxpayers with the burden of a lucrative lease agreement with a private business owner.

County Executive Mangano stated, “My administration has worked in close partnership with the community to ensure that a new First Precinct is constructed in Baldwin and serves as an asset to the community and police department alike. Construction of the new First Precinct will begin in early October and save taxpayers $21 million over previous plans.”

Bids from prospective builders are expected to be opened September 10th, with the winning contract put before the Nassau County Legislature on September 23rd. New plans call for keeping Harrison Avenue open to the public. The street, which runs south of Merrick Road and is at the corner of the site of the new First Precinct, is an important outlet for the community.

The Kellogg House, on the corner of Harrison Avenue and Merrick Road, will be preserved as a community center. During construction, the Kellogg House will be used by the construction company as offices and the area used for overflow parking to keep parking on residential streets to a minimum. The garage will also be preserved on the property. To gain more property, Nassau County is also purchasing the site of Huntington Learning Center, located on the west side of the First Precinct.

The new precinct will be a three-story building and include community access space for more outreach to the surrounding neighborhoods. Construction is expected to last 18 months and cost approximately $13 million.