Legislature Approves Funds For Mangano’s Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant Repair Plan

The Nassau County Legislature today approved County Executive Edward P. Mangano’s plan to utilize a no-interest, 100% reimbursable loan of approximately $465 million from the State Environmental Facilities Corporation (EFC) to repair the Hurricane Sandy-stricken Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant. Under the plan, 90% of the repair expenses will be reimbursed by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the remaining 10% will be reimbursed by Federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds provided to Nassau County by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

“My administration continues to aggressively move forward in repairing the Hurricane Sandy-damaged Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant while strengthening the facility from future storms,” said County Executive Mangano. “This funding is a critical step in achieving the long-term health of the plant and protecting our local neighborhoods, waterways and environment.”

The $465 million authorized today will fund six major projects at the Bay Park plan:

  • Building a system of dikes, levees, and/or movable flood walls around the entire plant to provide protection against the 100-year storm and account for anticipated sea level rise.
  • Elevating and hardening the Electrical Plant Distribution System.
  • Elevating and/or hardening 57 pump stations that serve one million residents to protect from floods.
  • Eliminating the sanitary sewer overflow condition that occurred at Barnes Ave.
  • Hardening and replacing the sludge dewatering equipment and building damaged during Sandy.

County Executive Mangano continues to pursue funding for an ocean outfall pipe which will further protect our waterways and commercial fishing industry.