Mangano Attracts Film And Television Industry Leaders To Nassau County

Producers, Directors and Local Managers to Tour Nassau County

In an effort to further attract the motion picture and television industry to Nassau County, the industry’s hottest independent producers and directors as well as movie, commercial and television location managers and scouts will be touring various locations throughout Nassau County on Monday and Tuesday, December 9th and 10th. Camoin Associates recently issued an independent report which indicated the film industry generated over $140 million in economic benefit for Nassau County last year and employed 1,945 people.

County Executive Mangano stated, “Nassau is becoming the Hollywood East of the motion picture and television industry as we have the perfect locations for many films. Now filming more than four of the five boroughs in New York City, the industry is successfully employing local electricians, craftsmen, and artisans on many projects including what will soon be the most expensive movie ever filmed. Every time a film project calls Nassau County home, the local economy benefits as local people are put to work.”

Location scouts and managers from such productions as The Hunger Games, the Spiderman movie franchise, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and television series HBO’s Girls and Elementary will be aboard the bus. Robert LaRosa and Marc Riou of independent production company, The Majors, are just part of the film tour along with Deborah Twiss, an actress (Kick-Ass) as well as producer (Sebastien, The Confidence Game) and director/producer Christine Vartoughian whose feature film, Living with the Dead, is currently in post-production.

The Film Friendly Nassau County Location and Studio tour includes visits to the Chelsea Mansion, the Nassau County Correctional Center, F6 Labs shooting range, Old Bethpage Village Restoration, the BWD Building, the Theodore Roosevelt Executive and Legislative Building, the Allegria Hotel, Roosevelt Field Mall, Belmont Racetrack, the Garden City Hotel, both Gold Coast and Grumman Studios and many other locations in the Nassau County area.