• Go to a safe place.
  • Do not wash or douche. Do not eat or drink anything if oral sex was involved. Do not remove, touch or destroy any article which may be evidence, including clothing.
  • Call the police by dialing 911 or get to the S.A.N.E. Center or nearest hospital emergency room.
  • Explain that you have been sexually assaulted and need to be examined.
  • Request an advocate from the Coalition to accompany you through your stay at the hospital by calling the hotline (516) 222-2293.
  • You should request a test for pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, hepatitis, and HIV.
  • Consider whether you need safe housing.
  • Seek out assistance and help from family members or friends whom you trust.
  • Consider making a police report if you have not already made one.
  • Get confidential counseling from a qualified trauma counselor to help you deal with your experience by calling (516) 222-2293.

What is S.A.N.E.?

S.A.N.E. is the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program which provides victims of rape and sexual assault with expert, confidential medical care and emotional support.

What is the S.A.N.E. Center?

The Center is a separate unit in the Emergency Department of the North Shore University Hospital at Manhasset, specifically designed for interviewing, examining, treating, counseling and comforting adult victims of sexual assault. It consists of a private entrance, sitting room, examination room and bathroom, including shower.

Who supports the S.A.N.E. Center?

S.A.N.E. is a joint effort of the Special Victim's Bureau of the Nassau County District Attorney's Office, the Sex Crimes Squad of the Nassau County Police Department, the North Shore Long Island Jewish Health System, and the Center for Rape and Sexual Assault Services of The Safe Center LI and is funded in part through the NYS Department of Criminal Justice Services.

Who can use the S.A.N.E. Center?

Females and males, at least 17 years old, who do not require immediate medical attention, but have recently been sexually victimized.

How does someone get to the S.A.N.E. Center?

A person may go directly to the S.A.N.E. Center or request the assistance of the Nassau County Police.

When does the Center operate?

The S.A.N.E. Center is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

What happens at the S.A.N.E. Center?

The S.A.N.E. program provides expert medical attention to sexual assault victims in a private area in the emergency department of North Shore University Hospital at Manhasset. A forensic nurse with a physician provide medical assistance and information and perform an examination to collect forensic evidence that can be used in the prosecution of the offender.

What are your options?

  • Call the police at 911
  • Call the Rape Hotline at (516) 222-2293
  • Walk into the Emergency Room of the North Shore University Hospital (300 Community Drive, Manhasset)

Do I have to go through the examination alone?

You may go alone or have someone you trust accompany you to the S.A.N.E. Center. You can also request that a sexual assault advocate from the Coalition meet you there by calling 222-2293, or you may request an advocate when you reach the hospital.

What is a forensic nurse?

A forensic nurse is a registered nurse who has received intensive training in the examination of adult victims of sexual assault.

Do I have to prosecute the offender if I use the S.A.N.E. Center?

The decision to make the police report rests with the victim. However, if a police report is made, an investigation will follow. Medical care should always be sought and a victim can choose to make a police report anytime.

What fees will be charged to patients who use the Center?

If available, costs may be paid through private insurance, or by the Crime Victims' Board, if the survivor reports the crime to the police.

Who will have access to medical records or evidence collected?

Medical records are protected by confidentiality.

Where would I take a child who has been raped or sexually assaulted?

The S.C.A.N. Unit at the Nassau County Medical Center is a special setting for the examination and interview of victims under 17 years of age. For information call 572-4894.

Information about S.A.N.E. may be acquired from:

Emergency Department at the North Shore University Hospital at Manhasset - (516) - 562-4125

Nassau County Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Inc. Sexual Assault Hotline - (516) - 222-2293

Sex Crime Squad of the Nassau County Police Department - (516) - 573-8055

Sex Offense and Domestic Violence Bureau of the N. C. District Attorney's Office - (516) - 571-1266