ADA Career Opportunities

The Nassau County District Attorney's Office is one of the largest district attorney’s offices in the country with more than 175 lawyers and a total staff in excess of 370.  Situated on Long Island, immediately to the east of New York City, the office is committed to hiring the most qualified trial, investigative and appellate attorneys.

The DA's Office is NO LONGER accepting applications for the hiring class of 2014.

(Applications from Admitted Attorneys practicing in excess of 3 years are accepted year-round.)


Applicants for an Assistant District Attorney position must submit the following to the Executive Assistant District Attorney, Albert J. Teichman, to be considered for a first stage interview:

  • Cover Letter
  • Resume
  • Transcript        
  • Statement of Interest indicating why you want to work as a prosecutor; and specifically, the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office
  • A completed and signed Application Packet, including
ADA Applicant Packet
  • Conditions of Employment
  • Applicant Questionnaire
  • Applicant Information Sheet
  • Three-Year Commitment
  • Political Activity by ADA’s
  • Gun Ownership

NOTE: Upon notification of your Second Stage interview, submission of a writing sample is required. Choose a current issue in the criminal justice system about which you feel strongly and prepare a writing sample presenting your position on that issue. This is neither a research paper nor a legal brief, but a sample of your ability to:

  • Recognize a significant issue in the criminal justice system;
  • Adopt a specific, reasoned position on that issue;
  • Articulate that position in a logical and persuasive manner.

This writing sample should be an original position paper and not an abstraction or adaptation of earlier research from law school assignments.  Submissions should be limited to three (3) double-spaced pages.


Interviews are conducted from September to the end of April each year.  In addition to inviting candidates to the office, interviewers are sent to law schools in various parts of the country to recruit promising attorneys. All hiring is based on merit.
Due to the number of applicants and the limited number of openings, we cannot offer positions to many qualified candidates.  The interviewing process has three (3) stages:

Stage 1 - Consists of an interview with an assistant district attorney.
Stage 2 - Consists of a panel interview with two senior assistant district attorneys.
Stage 3 - Consists of an interview with the District Attorney. If the District Attorney extends an offer of employment to you and you accept it, we will conduct a complete investigation of your background. The offer is contingent on the results of that investigation.

Within 30 days of your interview, you will receive either a letter telling you that you have been advanced to the next interviewing stage, or a rejection letter. 


The Nassau County District Attorney's Office has been designated by the New York State Continuing Legal Education Board as an Accredited Continuing Legal Education Provider. In that regard, and in conjunction with the office's commitment to excellence, all new attorneys are given the benefit of an extensive training course before being asked to appear in court. The course runs for a full month and is conducted by members of the staff who are also professors of law and published authors in the field of criminal trial practice. The curriculum for the course includes lectures, demonstrations and participation in investigation, case preparation, jury selection, opening statements, direct examination, cross-examination, summation, pre-trial suppression hearings and constitutional criminal law. This training program far exceeds the requirements of the New York State Continuing Legal Education Board for newly admitted attorneys.


As an Accredited Continuing Legal Education Provider, the office presents live and videotaped lectures throughout the year on a wide variety of current legal topics, for the benefit of newly admitted and experienced attorneys. These lectures meet or exceed the individual Continuing Legal Education requirements of New York State and are open to all current members of the office at no charge.


There are yearly salary increases determined by budgetary ability.  These increases are based on merit and responsibility.


Assistant district attorneys are entitled to the following benefits:

  • 13 paid holidays each year.
  • 10 vacation days each year (13 days after 2 years).
  • 10 personal days each year.
  • 10 sick days each year (13 days after 3 years).
  • Additional bonus vacation and sick days based upon years of service.
  • Attorneys hired after January 1, 2002 have a choice of 4 contributory medical plans. Coverage becomes effective within 1 month of service.
  • Availability of deferred compensation plans.
  • Availability of tax-free flex benefits plan (for medical and child-care expenses).
  • Availability of childcare leave.
  • Availability of County Credit Union.


Nassau is an affluent county of 1.4 million residents, situated on Long Island, immediately to the east of New York City, approximately one hour from midtown Manhattan. Together with the neighboring county of Suffolk, the area ranks 11th in population among the nation's 50 largest metropolitan areas. The Long Island region in general is responsible for 25% of all registered voters in the State of New York.

Despite its metropolitan potential, however, Nassau remains a suburban community. It is divided into the three towns of Hempstead, North Hempstead and Oyster Bay, and the two cities of Long Beach and Glen Cove. Each of these communities has its own park system for the benefit of its residents. In addition, Nassau is bordered on the north by Long Island Sound and on the south by Jones Beach and the Atlantic Ocean. Thus, sailing, boating and swimming are frequent recreational activities. Nassau is also the home of the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, the New York Islanders hockey team, the New York Saints lacrosse team and Hofstra University, the training camp of the New York Jets football team.