Bureaus in the Nassau County District Attorney's Office

Appeals Bureau - 516-571-3660

The Appeals Bureau is primarily responsible for handling the appeals afforded to defendants found guilty of crimes prosecuted by the Nassau County District Attorney’s office. This litigation can take place at every level of the state and federal court system and oftentimes occurs many years after the conviction and sentencing of a defendant. This Bureau also serves an important role in advising Assistant District Attorneys on legal issues throughout the investigative and trial stages of a case. The Bureau is staffed by hard-working Assistant District Attorneys with exceptional knowledge of appellate law and with years of legal writing and research experience.

Civil Forfeiture Bureau - 516-571-3403

The Civil Forfeiture Bureau of the Nassau County District Attorney's Office is responsible for investigating and prosecuting all civil forfeitures within Nassau County. The Bureau opens dozens of new cases each year involving the forfeiture of vehicles, and other personal property, as well as amounts of U.S. currency from $100 to over $1,000,000. It is the Civil Forfeiture Bureau's job to prepare and submit requests for federal asset forfeiture sharing and to ensure the deposit and dispersal of forfeited proceeds and the liquidation of other items forfeited through its efforts. Another aspect of the Bureau's responsibility is bringing about the eviction of tenants using rental property to operate any illegal business. Since 1986, the Bureau's efforts have resulted in the forfeiture of more than $28 million, which has gone to victims, New York State, drug and alcohol treatment and education, and to enhance the law enforcement efforts of both the police and the District Attorney's office.

County Court Trial Bureau - 516-571-3799

The County Court Trial Bureau is responsible for the prosecution of felony cases, i.e. crimes for which a sentence in excess of one year may be imposed. Examples of felonies handled by County Court Assistant District Attorneys include burglary, robbery, grand larceny, identity theft, forgery, assault, weapons possession, and repeat driving while intoxicated cases. County Court Assistants also serve as coordinators of special units. The Arson Coordinator assists the Nassau County Police Department's Arson/Bomb Squad in the investigation of arson cases. The Mental Hygiene Coordinator monitors prosecution where defendants have been found not competent to stand trial or have been found not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect. The County Court Trial Bureau prosecutes approximately 2000 felony cases a year.

Criminal Complaint Unit - 516-571-3505

The Criminal Complaint Unit's principle responsibility is to serve as the "in-take" unit for the District Attorney's office. The Unit is available to assist the public in filing criminal complaints, both written and in person. Many of the eventually prosecuted cases in the District Attorney's office begin within this bureau. Here, they are investigated for possible criminality and, if appropriate, assigned to one of the investigative bureaus within the office. The complaints to this Unit range from the writing of bad checks to claims of aggravated harassment to allegations of public corruption. The staff in this Unit are caring professionals that specialize in individual attention. The Unit handles approximately 2,300 complaints per year.

District Court Bureau - 516-572-2000

The purpose of the District Court Bureau is to prosecute all misdemeanor cases, penal law non-criminal offenses and designated non-penal law offenses in the Nassau County District Court and the City Courts of Glen Cove and Long Beach. Traditionally, the Bureau is the entry point for attorneys who are not only beginning their prosecutorial, but also their legal careers. Consequently, training and evaluation of performance are vital aspects of the Bureau's mission. While assigned here, the new Assistant District Attorneys learn the policies of the Office, the procedures to implement those policies, and the skills of trial advocacy that are necessary for effective prosecution. ADAs from the Bureau staff the Arraignment Part, which is open seven days a week, 365 days a year to ensure that defendants arrested for all crimes, including felonies, are promptly brought before a judge. It remains the goal of the District Court Bureau, through vigorous prosecution, combined with our involvement with innovative programs like the Community and Treatment Courts, to empower victims, improve the quality of life and provide substantial justice in the numerous and diverse cases prosecuted in the District Court.

Early Case Assessment Bureau (ECAB) - 516-573-7051

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice established the Early Case Assessment Bureau in October 2006. Staffed by senior assistant district attorneys, this Bureau's primary responsibility is to assess and analyze charges at the arrest-stage of a criminal prosecution. These attorneys coordinate with the County's many police agencies to ensure that in every arrest a legally sufficient charge is filed and witnesses and victims are contacted at the earliest possible time. Additionally, the Bureau is responsible for staffing a 24-hour desk that allows for around the clock communication between the District Attorney's staff and members of Nassau County's law enforcement community.

Economic Crimes Bureau - 516-571-2149

In a push to devote more resources and enhance to the investigations and prosecutions of financial, computer, and environmental crimes, District Attorney Kathleen Rice created the Economic Crimes Bureau in March, 2006. The Bureau investigates and prosecutes complex, sophisticated and substantial financial crimes including identity theft, real estate and mortgage fraud, credit card fraud, check fraud, bank fraud, tax crimes, investment schemes, trademark counterfeiting, money laundering, and the creation and use of fraudulent identification and other forged documents. The Bureau includes two specialized units:

The Technology Crime Unit focuses on handling virtually every kind of computer Internet crime, including Internet identity theft, computer intrusions, theft of data, online fraud, fraudulent sale of items, and online predators.

The Environmental Crimes Unit's function is not only to investigate and prosecute environmental crime in the county, but also to ensure that these crimes do not adversely affect the public's health and the county's natural resources. These crimes include air, land and water contamination resulting from illegal dumping, storage and transportation of hazardous or toxic chemicals or materials, fireworks, and crimes involving fish and wildlife.

Felony Screening - 516-571-2588

Grand Jury - 516-571-3550

The Grand Jury Bureau is comprised of the Felony Screening Unit and the Grand Jury Unit.

The Felony Screening Unit is responsible for evaluating approximately 5,500 felony arrests made annually by the various police agencies in Nassau County. This "screening" or evaluation consists of reviewing the cases for the statutory and evidentiary sufficiency. A determination is then made as to whether the case can be prosecuted as a felony. Cases which are designated for non-felony prosecution are investigated by the Assistant District Attorney's in the Felony Screening Unit.

Cases which are designated for potential felony prosecution are forwarded to the Grand Jury Unit where they are assigned to members of our County Court Trial Bureau. The cases are then presented to the Nassau County Grand Jury which works in conjunction with our Grand Jury Unit. Once an indictment is obtained, the case can then proceed to trial.

The Grand Jury Unit is also responsible for handling all fugitive and extradition proceedings. When an individual wanted outside of New York State is located in Nassau County, all documentation and proceedings necessary to return that fugitive to the other state are handled by Assistant District Attorney's in the Grand Jury Unit. When individuals who have been accused of committing crimes in Nassau County and have fled this jurisdiction are located in other states or countries, the extradition proceedings to arrest and return them to Nassau County are handled by Assistant District Attorney's in this unit.

Government and Consumer Frauds Bureau - 516-571-3343

The Government/Consumer Frauds Bureau was created in March 2006 by District Attorney Kathleen Rice to handle a wide category of fraud topics, including Welfare fraud, Medicaid fraud, embezzlement, immigration fraud, Workers Compensation fraud, and home improvement fraud. The Bureau is dedicated to the protection of taxpayer dollars by investigating and prosecuting these and other frauds against government entities. The Bureau also protects consumers from fraud by dishonest individuals and businesses by combining innovative sting operations with aggressive prosecutions of consumer complaints.

Major Offense Bureau - 516-571-3399

The function of the Major Offense Bureau is to investigate and prosecute homicides and other serious and violent felonies committed within Nassau County. The seven attorneys in this Bureau are experienced prosecutors who are accustomed to long days, complex cases and pressure filled duties performed at any hour. They are also familiar with forensic analysis, autopsies, ballistics, DNA evidence and psychiatry. These prosecutors have years of experience prosecuting and investigating the most serious crimes in our county and are committed to representing our community against our country’s most dangerous.

Public Corruption Bureau - 516-571-2100

The Public Corruption Bureau's main responsibility is to uncover and prosecute corruption in Nassau County. The Bureau handles cases involving police misconduct, political corruption, school and special district fraud, crimes committed at the jail, as well as crimes committed by employees of public entities.

Rackets Bureau - 516-571-2553

The Rackets Bureau investigates and prosecutes systematic criminal activity committed by traditional organized crime and other groups. Typically, the Bureau's cases include: enterprise corruption, extortion, coercion, human trafficking, gambling, money laundering, bribery, credit card fraud and identity theft, promoting prostitution, narcotics and weapons trafficking, as well as violations of the New York prevailing wage law. The Rackets Bureau often works in conjunction with other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, and is staffed by highly-skilled prosecutors with extensive training and experience handling some of the most complex and long-term prosecutions and investigations.

Special Victims Bureau - 516-571-1267

The Special Victims Bureau is responsible for the prosecution of all domestic violence cases, sex crimes, and elder and child abuse cases in Nassau County. The Bureau is comprised of experienced trial attorneys with the specialized knowledge and training necessary to prosecute offenders and protect the most vulnerable victims of Nassau County. Assistant District Attorneys work together with advocates who support the victim throughout the criminal process and foster supportive relationships with some of the most vulnerable victims in our county. This Bureau also works closely with the Nassau County Police Department, victim’s advocate groups, Child Protective Services and the Department of Probation to enhance our prosecutions, and to ensure that offenders are held accountable for the crimes they have committed.

Street Narcotics and Gangs Bureau - 516-571-3707

The Street Narcotics and Gangs Bureau (SNAG) investigates and prosecutes all felony arrests involving narcotics and potential gang suspects in Nassau County. This Bureau also works hand-in-hand with law enforcement agencies at all levels of government to prosecute crime and to develop strategic initiatives designed to investigate and eventually eliminate gang activity in Nassau County. The Bureau is staffed by seasoned prosecutors with experience investigating and prosecuting gang and drug crime, which can involve lengthy investigations and the use of electronic surveillance or undercover operatives. While this Bureau remains highly active in investigations, it is also litigation bureau responsible for prosecuting defendants charged with gang and drug-related crime.

Vehicular Crimes Bureau - 516-571-4939

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice created the Vehicular Crimes Bureau in January 2006 to combat the epidemic of drunk and drugged driving in Nassau County. A staff of highly-trained prosecutors, with extensive experience prosecuting often complex vehicular crimes, is assigned to the Bureau on both the misdemeanor and felony levels. Assistant District Attorneys receive enhanced training to meet the ever-changing scientific and advocacy challenges presented by these cases. This Bureau also serves as a primary source of training and education for police departments and law enforcement agencies at all levels of government.