Choices and Consequences Program

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District Attorney Kathleen Rice is bringing the message about driving safety to Nassau County’s High Schools.  The Choices and Consequences program is an interactive high school presentation designed to combat drunk, drugged and reckless driving.  The District Attorney's goal is to reduce injuries and deaths in this most vulnerable age group. Traffic crashes are the number one cause of death for young people between the ages of 15 and 24.  

The 90 minute program is based on a "reality TV" model that relies on real cases, real evidence and real people from cases to break through natural teenage invincibility to teach life-saving lessons. The program is divided into 3 segments:

  • The first segment educates the students about criminal law, the social host law, safe driving techniques, toxicology and licensing issues using real cases and real evidence.


Choices and Consequences Choices and Consequences
  • The second segment consists of a skit where student volunteers re-enact a driving situation in which passengers encourage the driver to drink and engage in other reckless driving.  A Nassau County Police Officer responds to the scene of the “crash” and explains the police procedures and the tests conducted.  The student “driver” performs coordination tests wearing “Fatal Vision” goggles which simulate intoxication.  At the conclusion students are informed the skit is based on a real case in which the driver’s cousin was killed as a result of the crash and the fact he had not been wearing a seatbelt.
Students perform at Choices and Consequences
Students perform at Choices and Consequences
Students watch sketch at Choices and Consequences
Students perform at Choices and Consequences
One student tries to walk a straight line
  • The final segment is the most powerful.  Young DWI and driving crime defendants are sentenced to speak at the programs as part of their community service.  DA Rice believes that the experience for the young defendants and the audience presents a “win/win” situation.  The defendant faces the reality of what they have done each time they share their story. And hopefully the student audience identifies with the speaker and realizes how easily they could make these mistakes. Victims or their families also explain the heartache they have suffered at the hands of drunk or reckless drivers.
Choices and Consequences
Anneliese Bosco describes the pain of the loss of her son Stephen because of a drunk driver.


THE MESSAGE: Make a plan now.  
Take extra money for a cab. Arrange a contract for safety with a parent or trusted family member (click on the “Contract for Safety” link to print a copy.) Come up with the “line” to use with dangerous friends to stay out of the car.

The Choices and Consequences Program has been presented more than 100 times to over 20,000 participants.  If even one student changes his or her behavior or gets out of an unsafe car than the program has been a success.

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The Vehicular Crimes Bureau

District Attorney Kathleen Rice started the first Vehicular Crimes Bureau on Long Island to effectively prosecute these serious cases.  The bureau brings together a staff with training and expertise in this important area of criminal law.  As a result we have increased the number of trials and convictions and held more drivers accountable for their dangerous decisions. The Choices and Consequences Programis a product of the Vehicular Crimes Bureau because District Attorney Rice believes that tougher policies alone will not put an end to the devastating effects of drunk, drugged and reckless driving.  As a community we need to change the way we think about driving. Choices and Consequences is one step toward changing the culture that permits these violent crimes to continue.

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