Youth Safety Coalition

Nassau County District Attorney Kathleen Rice, in response to the dangers facing teenagers, has formed the Long Island Youth Safety Coalition, an organization comprised of local school districts, youth groups, substance abuse treatment organizations and law enforcement agencies dedicated to keeping Nassau County’s teenagers safe from destructive decision-making.DA Rice kicks off the first meeting of the Nassau County Teenage Safety Coalition

Rice said the coalition’s goal is simple: combine the resources and knowledge possessed by the dozens of coalitions, schools, and groups dedicated to making teenagers safer.

“This coalition is the first of its kind to gather all of these like-minded groups under one umbrella,” Rice said. “By sharing information, knowledge, and advice, each organization will become stronger and more effective and Nassau County’s teens will benefit.”

Coalition members include Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the Boys & Girls Club, County and village police departments, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Long Island, Peninsula Counseling Center, Nassau County Department of Social Services, and dozens of treatment agencies and school districts.DA Rice reads an exhibit at the Teenage Safety Coalition meeting

Coalition members can sign up for a ListServ email notification system to discuss issues, share information, and learn new information. The system is hosted by Kathy Coley at SUNY Farmingdale.

For information on how to join the Teenage Safety Coalition, please email