September 9, 2011

Mangano Takes A Stand Against Family & Domestic Violence

Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano announced today that all of Nassau County’s workforce will receive a brochure regarding family and domestic violence with their paychecks on September 9th and 14th.

As part of his commitment to reduce the incidence of family and domestic violence in Nassau County, County Executive Mangano appointed a distinguished panel of individuals to serve on his Family Violence Task Force in February 2010. “I have declared family and domestic violence a public health emergency,” stated County Executive Mangano. “I am committed to do all we can to reduce violence in our communities recognizing that violence is not the answer.”

The Task Force chaired by Social Services Commissioner Dr. John Imhof presented a number of recommendations to the County Executive in order to take a stand against family and domestic violence. One of their major recommendations was the distribution of brochures to every County employee detailing the signs and symptoms of family and domestic violence. “The Family Violence Task Force did an outstanding job creating a list of recommendations all of which I have endorsed,” added County Executive Mangano. “I look forward to the Task Force continuing its charge of making recommendations to further reduce family and domestic violence.”

Social Services Commissioner John Imhof added, “I am honored to serve as the County Executive’s chairperson of this respected group of professionals. Shortly, the Task Force will finalize a new list of recommendations as we look forward to continue working with County Executive Mangano in reducing the incidence of family and domestic violence in Nassau County.”

Domestic violence is a pattern of coercive and controlling behaviors and tactics used by one person over another to gain power and control. It could include verbal abuse, financial abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and physical abuse. If you or someone you know needs information about family and domestic violence, please call the Coalition against Domestic Violence Hotline (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) at 516-542-0404. Also, please visit the County website at: