July 24, 2013

Ten Nassau County Beaches Remain Closed to Bathing

Uniondale, NY - Due to heavy rainfall, the following ten beaches remain closed to bathing as a precautionary measure, effective July 23, 2013. Storm water runoff can have a negative impact by elevating bacterial levels and affecting bathing water quality.

10 Nassau County North Shore Beaches:

Centre Island Sound

Creek Club

Lattingtown Beach

Laurel Hollow Beach

Piping Rock Beach Club

Prybil Beach

Ransom Beach

Roosevelt Beach

Soundside Beach

Stehli Beach

To speak with a Nassau County Department of Health representative, weekdays, 9:00 A.M. – 4:45 P.M., call 516-227-9717.

For up-to-date recorded information on beach closings and openings, call 516-227-9700.