Legislator Abrahams: Help CAPS Fight Bullying

Legislator Kevan Abrahams (D-Hempstead) welcomes the opening of the CAPS Bully Prevention Center in Long Island. CAPS (Child Abuse Prevention Services) is the first of its kind in Long Island where resources, solutions, and direct support is provided toward resolving cyber-bullying and bullying conditions among young people. It works for the creation of a safer learning environment in schools.

“It is important that our community get acquainted with this helpful and educational service”, said Legislator Abrahams. “We ask that everyone spreads the word about the CAPS program to parents of students and colleagues so they are aware of this important resource”, Legislator Abrahams continued. Along with the many prevention services, CAPS also has a devoted e-mail and phone Bully Help Line.    

For further information or to contact CAPS please refer to www.capsli.org or call (516) 621-0552. Legislator Abrahams wishes everyone a safe and successful return to school. He will continue to work with residents to keep every child safe from harm.