Legislator Abrahams Warns: West Nile Virus Still Active

Legislator Kevan Abrahams (D-Hempstead) and the Nassau County Department of Health cautions all residents that the West Nile Virus has been prevalent throughout Nassau County this season. The county health department has identified 17 cases already. To protect yourselves and your families Legislator Abrahams offers the following advice:

• Where long sleeves, pants and socks whenever possible, especially during late day hours.
• Use mosquito repellent.
• Change bird bath water every few days.
• Keep window and door screens in good working order.
• Check roof gutters for easy drainage.
• Empty any water from toys, flower pots, garbage cans or any other outdoor objects which may retain water.
• Maintain chlorination of swimming pools, and keep covers water-free.
• Take every precaution to discourage mosquito breeding.

“I urge all residents to follow these guidelines in order to better protect ourselves and our loved ones.”, cautioned Legislator Abrahams. He concluded, the West Nile Virus is still very active in our community. Let’s be safe and enjoy the closing days of summer!”