Lights, Camera, Nassau County!

Register with the Nassau County Film Commission and See Your Home on the Big Screen

Hollywood needs places to shoot their films, so why not your house? Nassau County Legislator Kevan Abrahams (D-Hempstead) and the Nassau County Film Commission are encouraging residents who want to see their living rooms on the big screen to register their homes with the Film Commission.

“Movies, television programs and commercials need real-life locations to film at for their productions, and Nassau County can offer everything from beachside bungalows to bucolic suburbs to classic estates,” Abrahams said. “Every kind of home is needed. By registering your home, Nassau County becomes even more attractive to producers and you could have the pride – and money – that comes with having your house turned into a movie set.”

The Godfather, Sabrina, American Gangster, Harold, 30 Rock, The Sopranos and Margot at the Wedding have all filmed scenes here in Nassau County. The film, television and commercial industries contributed more than $78 million in indirect economic impact to Nassau County last year alone.

Don’t think your home will make the cut? According to the Film Office, producers look for locations with everything from above-ground pools to barns to cobblestone driveways to children’s bedrooms. Every home has something to offer, so don’t hesitate.

“Every production seeks a unique location,” said Debra Markowitz of the Nassau County Film Office. “You can find out more about listing your home with the Nassau County Film Commission on our website at or call (516) 572-0012.”