Nassau County Legislator Kevan Abrahams:

Understanding STAR Registration


I would like to share the following information on New York State’s Basic STAR Registration Program, and explain how the program will work so you can fully understand the new procedures.

I want to stress that the Basic STAR Registration Program will be handled exclusively by New York State. At the request of the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance (herein referred to as “the State”), all agencies have been directed to refer the property owners’ inquiries to the State. The Department of Assessment is not involved in the registration process at all.

As you may be aware, New York State is requiring all Basic STAR Exemption recipients to register with the State so that exemptions can be screened to eliminate intentional fraud and unintentional duplicate exemptions. No one has to re-file for this exemption. Additionally, this program only applies to Basic STAR recipients only.The Enhanced STAR Exemption recipients are not affected by this program.

The State’s timeline is as follows:


  • In mid-September, the State will begin mailing letters to current recipients of the Basic STAR Exemption.Each letter will contain a unique registration number for that household to register by phone or e-mail only.
  • By December 1, the State will send out reminder letters to those homeowners who have not registered advising them that the deadline to register for the Basic STAR is nearing.
  • December 31, 2013 is the deadline to register for the Basic STAR.
  • In early January 2014, the State will send a final notice to those property owners who have not registered.
  • Finally, in March 2014, the State will notify the Department of Assessment of the properties where the Basic STAR Exemption should be removed. New York State will not advise our office as to why the exemption is being removed (i.e. whether it is for failure to register, if the homeowner “double-dipped” or if their STAR income exceeds the maximum allowable by the State, etc).

If a property owner loses their letter, or did not receive a letter with the registration number, he or she may search for it on the State’s Web site or call the State at 518-457-2036 or e-mail: orpts.star@tax.ny.gov.

Any property owner who is denied an exemption will receive an official notification from the State. Homeowners who wish to appeal the decision must appeal directly to the State. There is NO appeal process with Nassau County.

The contact information for the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance is as follows:

For general information on Basic STAR registration, visit: www.tax.ny.gov. Contact by phone: 518-457-2036. Contact by email: orpts.star@tax.ny.gov.