Leg. Solages hosting a Community Meeting

Nassau Legislator Solages Hosts Important Community Meeting on Sewer Privatization

(ELMONT, NY) – Nassau County Legislator Carrié Solages (D-Elmont) hosted a well-attended community meeting on sewer privatization in Elmont on Tuesday, May 15, 2012.

Nearly 100 community members filtered into Elmont Memorial Library to hear Legis. Solages’ take on County Executive Ed Mangano’s plan to sell the county’s sewer system to United Water, a private company – which he believes is the wrong move for Nassau.

“Whether it’s likely that a private operator can sustain more than $400 million in repairs, operating costs, cutting [the workforce] and making certain efficiencies, yet still operate and make a profit without raising rates – that’s the million-dollar question,” said Legis. Solages to the public. “What this means is just another [sewer] bill for yourself.”

Handouts, booklets and other materials were distributed to meeting attendees describing why sewer privatization should be a major concern for Nassau:


  • Residents will pay more for sewer service, and could see their bill skyrocket by 400 percent under a private company.
  • United Water would have to significantly raise rates to regain their $865 million investment.
  • A private company will not be subject to the same scrutiny and oversight as a public utility.

The public had an opportunity to voice their concerns for the plan; many appeared skeptical and asked for transparency from the government during negotiations.

Legis. Solages’ meeting was held just two days before the Nassau Interim Finance Authority (NIFA) – a fiscal watchdog appointed by the state legislature – rejected Mangano’s proposed contract to pay Morgan Stanley up to $5 million to broker his sewer deal.

For more information about Legis. Solages’ community meeting on May 15, please call 516-571-6226.