Hook Creek Boulevard Repairs on the Horizon

“These important repairs are a long time coming…”

(VALLEY STREAM, NY) – In response to numerous calls and complaints regarding Hook Creek Boulevard/Ocean Avenue road conditions, Legislator Solages’ office has contacted the agencies and officials responsible for road repairs in this area.

Hook Creek Boulevard/Ocean Avenue is a shared roadway between the Town of Hempstead, Village of Valley Stream and NYC (Queens County). Thus, a project in this area is complex and requires cooperation from multiple agencies external to the County.

“Fortunately, my office successfully reached out to NYC and learned that there is a Capital Project to repair the sewers and roadway,” said Legislator Solages. The project is slated to begin April 2014.

The New York City agency handling these repairs is the Department of Design and Construction (DDC).

“A shared or common use roadway such as Hook Creek Boulevard/Ocean Avenue is important to us all and I look forward to seeing this project completed,” said Legislator Solages.