October 28, 2009


Over 50,000 Nassau County Residents

Sign Petition to Repeal the 2.5% Home Energy Tax


            Thank you for taking the time to join our Petition Drive to repeal the new Home Energy Tax.  As you’re well aware, the 2.5% Home Energy Tax is a regressive and unfair tax that all the residents of our county must pay.  It isn’t right that the overburdened residents in Nassau County should have another frivolous tax to worry about.

            Unfortunately, the Legislative Minority did not have the votes to block this 2.5% tax increase which was proposed by the County Executive and supported by all ten members of the Legislative Majority.  Electricity, gas, oil, propane, and even firewood are among the sources of energy taxed under the new increase.

            To date, we have collected approximately 50,000 signatures from residents like you who want to repeal this onerous tax.  Despite this strong public outcry, the County Executive and the Legislative Majority refuse to discuss the repeal or options to avoid it in the future.  In fact, the County Executive’s budget for 2010 includes the 2.5% Home Energy Tax again for next year, and expects it to generate $40 million in revenue for the county.  

            There are other ways to fill the county deficit. I support cutting spending and other alternatives before passing the burden on to you, the taxpayer. 

            Again, thank you for your support against the Home Energy Tax.  I will continue to fight to get this unfair, regressive tax repealed.