March 26, 2007

Legislator Becker Votes to Improve Benefits for County's Military Reservists

Legislator Francis X. Becker, Jr. voted to pass an ordinance clarifying the assistance to be given to county workers who are called away from their full time jobs to active military service due to Operation Enduring Freedom or related operations in the War on Terrorism.

The legislation provides that, if any county employee who is a member of a military reserve or the National Guard is called away to active duty, the reservist’s income will remain secure during this leave. The county will ensure that the reservists’ households will not be disrupted any more than is necessary due to the reservists’ service. Thus, for the duration of the activation, the county will compensate the reservist for the difference between his or her county pay and military pay received.

Reservists will continue to receive their county pay, and then reimburse the county for the amount of military pay received. The result is that the reservist’s income remains stable during his or her time of service and he or she will be able to continue to support his or her family and household during the period of active duty.

The new ordinance passed this week is meant to clarify the terms of this compensation and explain that the modest military “Basic Allowance for Housing” or “Basic Allowance for Subsistence” payments made to the reservists are not included in the amount that must be reimbursed to the county.

“We want to encourage our employees to serve in the reserves or the national guard without the fear that they will lose the ability to care for their family if called to duty. I support this legislation and the men and women who risk their lives to protect us,” stated Legislator Becker.