August 21, 2007

Republican Legislators Seek Tax Cut
Propose Elimination of Sales Tax On Clothing and Footwear

Nassau County Republican Legislator Francis X. Becker, Jr., and the Republican legislators have co-sponsored a bill to eliminate the county sales tax on all clothing and footwear items priced up to $110 each.  Shoppers in Nassau County can save hundreds of dollars per year on purchases.  “Nassau County residents need some incentive to stay in this great county, and joining the state in the elimination of sales tax is just one new way to show our residents that we want them to stay,” said Legislator Becker.

New York State eliminated its portion of the sales tax on clothing and footwear items priced up to $110 in 2000.  Nassau County, like all counties in the state, may opt in to eliminate its sales tax, too.  “The benefits of this tax cut are many.  People will be encouraged to go to the shops to buy the items they need.  Nassau residents deserve the same tax break offered by other counties throughout the state,” Legislator Becker added.  The tax-free shopping will also lure shoppers from surrounding counties and may boost retail job opportunities here in Nassau. 

“We are aware of the fiscal impact of this tax cut on the county revenues, but we feel that this is an opportunity to put some hard-earned money back into residents’ pockets.  It is not fair to continually increase spending and then increase taxes on county homeowners to pay for it,” said Legislator Becker.               

In previous years, the county has opted in to eliminate the county sales tax during two crucial shopping weeks during the year – one week prior to the back-to-school rush, and one week prior to the year-end holidays.  “Why should Nassau County be robbed of this type of opportunity just because the current county Administration can’t control its spending?  Our residents work too hard for their money and should not be punished because the administration has not been doing the same,” said Becker. 

The bill has been filed with the Clerk of the Legislature and the legislators await a hearing on the tax cut.