June 25, 2010

Legislator Kopel Announces Removal of Offensive Billboard

I am pleased to announce that the controversy over the “Platinum Club” billboard has finally been resolved.  The Nassau County Attorney’s Office has reached a court-ordered settlement with the property owner whereby the owner has agreed to remove the oversized sign featuring a scantily clad woman within 72 hours of the judgment.  Failure for the property-owner to comply will result in Nassau County taking action for its removal; power granted to the County by the court.

This billboard has long been a nuisance and quality-of-life disturbance to the residential neighbors throughout the Five Towns community, especially as they travel on one of the main roadway arteries.

Since taking office as Legislator in January, I joined with our neighbors – the hardworking families in District 7 - in the quest to remove this billboard.  Working hand-in-hand with the Nassau County Attorney’s Office, I have ensured that this remained a top priority.

Due to the sign’s physical location in Queens, the challenge was difficult and sometimes arduous, but our perseverance granted us a success!