June 27, 2011


Are You Prepared for Hurricane Season?

The Northeast hurricane season began on June 1st and continues through November 30th. Legislator Howard J. Kopel would like to remind you that although we cannot prevent hurricanes, we can certainly prepare for them. The best way to protect yourself and your family during a major storm or emergency is to be prepared ahead of time. For more information about hurricane preparedness and evacuation plans, please contact the Nassau County Office of Emergency Management or the American Red Cross at:

Nassau County Office of Emergency Management

(516) 573-0636 • www.nassaucountyny.gov

American Red Cross

www.redcross.org or 1-800-RED-CROSS

Here are some other important numbers and websites to have handy in case of an emergency:

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

1-800-621-3362 • www.fema.gov

Long Island Power Authority

1-800-490-0075 • www.lipower.org

National Weather Service/Eastern Region

631-924-0517 • www.erh.noaa.gov

Do you or any of your family members have pets? If so, they need a disaster plan, too, because most shelters do not admit animals. Here are some tips to prepare for your pets in case of an emergency or evacuation:

Assemble a Pet Disaster Kit including medical records and medications, name and number of veterinarian, a first aid kit, collars, leashes, food, water, bowls, manual can opener, cat litter/pan and a photo of your pet.

Make sure you have a sturdy crate for each animal. Pets will be more welcome for emergency sheltering if they are contained.

Ask friends, relatives or others outside the affected area whether they could shelter your animals in case of an emergency.

Make sure all cats and dogs are wearing securely fastened collars with up-to-date identification.

To help locate a safe shelter for your pet and to obtain a Disaster Checklist for your pet,

please contact the volunteers at the Pet Safe Coalition at www.petsafecoalition.org or 516-676-0808

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