December 6, 2010

Legislator Kopel Urges Residents to Shop Locally

Local businesses are a vital part of Nassau County’s economy, which is why Nassau County Legislator Howard Kopel is urging all Nassau County residents to shop locally during this holiday season.

 “There are many advantages to shopping locally,” said Legislator Kopel. “First, you’re stimulating the local economy. Also, when you buy something in Cedarhurst or Woodmere, you know whom you’re buying it from. It’s a chance for you to help your neighbors by contributing to their short term revenue, and by strengthening their business in the long term.”

The Nassau County Legislature recently partnered with the Nassau Council of Chambers of Commerce (NCCC) to announce the “It Starts Here….Buy Locally” campaign. The NCCC has 42 local chambers and over 6,000 members. They play a vital role in the community as employers and by supporting important local causes.

Legislator Kopel offers a number of reasons why shopping locally benefits store owners and customers. “It’s almost impossible to find the quality of personal service and customer relationships you’ll get from local business owners. A big chain store isn’t able to replicate that,” said Legislator Kopel. “This way, you have the confidence that you’re getting a good product and service.”

In addition, he added, “a strong local shopping district increases the value and prestige of our community; that’s a benefit for you and me. Everybody wins.”