September 22, 2011



Presiding Officer Schmitt Announces Expanded 2012 Budget Hearings

Presiding Officer Peter J. Schmitt announced that the Nassau County Legislature will hold an unprecedented total of three full-day hearings of the Full Legislature to review the 2012 Budget.  Customarily, separate committees are convened for hearings on various budget topics.  However, this year, Presiding Officer Schmitt has determined that the public and the entire 19-member legislature should be able to attend and ask questions at every hearing on every topic. 

“The residents of our county should have every opportunity to comment on the 2012 Nassau County Budget at their convenience, in a morning, afternoon or evening session,” stated Schmitt.  Every person who wishes to testify will be heard and entered into the official transcript which will be reviewed by the legislators prior to a vote on the Budget.

The public is invited to attend and testify at either a morning, afternoon or evening session on all three hearing dates.  “This budget will have a significant impact on the residents of Nassau County,” said Schmitt.  “There will be a total of nine occasions on which the public can question, comment or make recommendations on the 2012 Budget.”   All hearings will be held in the Legislative Chamber at 1550 Franklin Avenue, Mineola.

The three hearings of the Full Legislature are scheduled as follows:

Health and Human Services Hearing: Thursday, October 6, 2011

Morning session - 11:00am  ~  Afternoon session - 1:30pm  ~  Evening session - 6:00pm

Finance, Public Works and Public Safety Hearing: Wednesday, October 12, 2011.                   

Morning session - 11:00am  ~  Afternoon session - 1:30pm  ~  Evening session - 6:00pm

Final Hearing: Friday, October 28, 2011 at 11:00am.

Morning session -  11:00am  ~  Evening session - 6:00pm