March 15, 2010

budget cuts

Legislator Nicolello and County Executive Mangano Announce Slashes in Government Spending

and Outline Fixes for Budget Gaps Inherited from previous administration

Legislator Richard Nicolello recently joined Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano to announce that they have begun to reform county government by slashing patronage and cutting spending to fill the 2010 budget hole left behind by the previous administration and the repeal of the Home Energy Tax.

The County Executive’s $49 million savings plan includes $22 million in cuts from payroll and managerial patronage positions from the previous administration.  Additional savings have been gained from careful reviews of the structure of each of the county’s 47 departments.


“Fiscal responsibility, not more taxes, should and will be the way to run Nassau County,” said Legislator Nicolello. “These cuts will help us fill the budget gap in a way that isn’t akin to going to tax payers with our hands out.  These cuts have also proven that the unfair Home Energy Tax was never necessary in the first place.”

Joined by County Executive Mangano, Legislator Nicolello stressed the importance of fiscal responsibility that will be the hallmark of the new administration. “If we ‘tighten our belts,’ we won’t need to turn to the taxpayers to bail us out,” said Nicolello. “Burdensome taxes are driving our residents out of our county, and it needs to stop.”

Pictured:  Legislator Nicolello and County Executive Mangano.